Protect Your Samsung S6 Edge Plus With These Cases, Functional And Fashionable

The new Samsung S6 Edge Plus is joining the battle for the biggest — and a bigger phone means this new S6 Edge Plus will be more likely to be dropped. Since the edges of the S6 Edge Plus are extremely different from its predecessors, the S6 Edge Plus will more likely need a more specialized case to protect the phone.

Samsung has released its official collection of cases and covers for the S6 Edge Plus, but let’s face it — who wants a case that’s the same as everyone else’s? For the picky ones who value functionality and fashion, here is a roundup of some of the best cases on the market to keep your brand new Samsung S6 Edge Plus looking as pretty as it was from day one.

If you’re on a budget, then PhoneArena brings these budget cases for the Samsung S6 Edge Plus that sacrifices neither protection nor style.

The Case-Mate Tough Naked case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ in clear is the simplest case for your S6 Edge Plus that will keep the sophisticated look of the phone while protecting it from accidental scrapes and drops. It comes with a transparent finish for those who prefer a minimalist style. This Case-mate case for S6 Edge Plus could be purchased for $25.

Samsung S6 Edge Case from Case-Mate

For $20, you can also snatch the Spigen Hybridized Clarity Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case, which comes in blue, white, black, or red. With free shipping at Amazon, you can get this case with a clear flexible TPU and hard PC bumper frame. The tough polycarbonate frame will provide optimum protection for your S6 Edge Plus—and it looks really sleek and nice, too.

Galaxy S6 Edge case from Spigen

Another cheap but stylish case for your Samsung S6 Edge Plus is this Verus High Pro Shield Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case. This case has a brushed-metal finish and raised edges for the more high-end look and added protection. The high-grade TPU, polycarbonate frame, and inside cushion also provides security for the more clumsy S6 Edge Plus owners. Also for only $20 at Amazon, this S6 Edge Plus case is available in gold, black, blue, silver, and red.

Verus High Pro Shield for S6 Edge Plus

If you have money to spare, Gotta Be Mobile highlights OtterBox’ own Galaxy S6 Edge Plus case. OtterBox is known for its heavy duty protection, and your extra bucks can go the extra mile if you decide to purchase these S6 Edge Plus cases from OtterBox. For $50, you can choose from black, white, purple, pink, and blue.

Samsung S6 Edge Case from Otterbox

And while this, technically, isn’t a phone case, Mobile Fun showcases a nice keyboard cover that can both protect your Samsung S6 Edge Plus and substitute the touch screen keyboard with a more functional one. For fast and efficient typing and convenient hot keys, this keyboard cover is a great accessory to go with your S6 Edge Plus. A Samsung-official accessory, this keyboard cover sells at $94.99 from Mobile Fun.

Official Samsung keyboard cover

[Image via Samsung]