PS3 And Xbox 360 Fatality: ‘Mortal Kombat X’ Cancelled For Last-Gen Consoles

After months of waiting for Mortal Kombat X to be ported to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Mortal Kombat X publisher Warner Bros. finally announced that Mortal Kombat X will not come to last-gen consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, anymore.

Mortal Kombat X has been very well received by fans across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms when it was released in April this year, and those still on the older-gen consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, eagerly waited for the title to hit their consoles, as well. Mortal Kombat X community admin Yorick delivered the devastating news on the Mortal Kombat X forums on Friday that Mortal Kombat X on last-gen consoles isn’t happening anymore.

“After months of development, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has come to the regrettable conclusion that we cannot release Mortal Kombat X for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Please know our teams worked diligently to meet the quality standards set by the current-gen versions of the game. We were not able to get the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions to the quality expected of a Mortal Kombat game and are very sorry for not being able to deliver the products as originally planned. If you pre-ordered Mortal Kombat X for PS3 or Xbox 360, please go to the retail location where you pre-ordered the game and you will receive a full refund.”

This news has disappointed a lot of fans who were given the hope that Mortal Kombat X was to be ported to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 after it released this year. In a reply to a report by SegmentNext regarding the issue, user Marky360 said he doesn’t believe that the Mortal Kombat X port in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is undoable.

“I’m sorry but I don’t buy it nothing about MKX (Mortal Kombat X) looks undoable on the PS3/360 to me. If they just lower the frame rate to 30FPS and drop the resolution to 720p I feel like the game would run no problem. Nothing in MKX looks all that different from MK9 (Mortal Kombat 9) to me it just looks better graphically because it’s on the next-Gen and is running in a full 60FPS frame rate. Other that I don’t see why the game couldn’t be done on last-Gen at all.”

But while Mortal Kombat X fans at the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are immensely upset about the news, this move by NetherRealm Studios isn’t the first in the gaming industry, since a lot of developers are already dropping the last-gen consoles for their AAA titles.

Ubisoft was the first to officially drop PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from its succeeding titles, and other developers are soon to follow suit since in 2016, Microsoft is officially letting go of Xbox 360. PlayStation 3’s doom is not far on the horizon as well.

While hardware limitations are the main reason why Mortal Kombat X won’t see the daylight in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, NetherRealms shouldn’t have promised that the latest Mortal Kombat title would be ported to the last-gen consoles when it was released.

[Image via Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.]