Zayn Malik Moves From Perrie Edwards To Mum, Model

Zayn Malik has been in a publicity downward spiral over the month of August — and his breakup with Perrie Edwards was only the tip of the scandal iceberg. Unfortunately, Zayn Malik’s long list of awkward moments may have taken a toll on him — and he may be leaning on his mum for support.

As Noisey points out on August 29, Zayn Malik often experiences a lot more pressure than his fans may realize and states the following.

“Because of his introverted nature and status as One Direction’s sole person of color, Zayn has always felt the sting of criticism more intensely than the rest of the band. When a video of Zayn and Louis smoking marijuana leaked online Zayn received the most backlash, regardless of the fact that Louis used a racial slur (‘nig’). He’s also been villainized throughout coverage of his breakup with Perrie Edwards.”

However, it appears that he might be fighting back against negativity with the help of his mum — and models.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Zayn Malik has been cited by an insider as showing signs of having questionable mental health. According to an August 19 report by the Daily Mail, Zayn Malik’s insider went as far as to say he was “power crazy” when discussing the terrible way Zayn has treated Perrie Edwards and others.

Adding to that, Jake Roche took a stand against Zayn Malik’s outrageous behavior toward Perrie Edwards. Hollywood Life states on August 29 that she was appreciative of the support.

How will Zayn Malik fix all of his bad press headlines? Kevin Jonas told Zayn Malik in May that one of the best ideas is for him to “go dark” and lay low in the press, according to E! Online.

Although it is unclear if Zayn Malik will heed to Kevin Jonas’ wisdom in this case, he does appear to be supervised by his mum. The Mirror reports on August 29 that Zayn Malik even looked relaxed hanging out in Los Angeles with his mum, and stated the following.

“Zayn Malik has only one woman in his life after his split with Perrie Edwards, and that would appear to be his mother Tricia, who is firmly by his side. The pair were pictured leaving Mastro’s Steak House in Beverly Hills after enjoying dinner together on Friday night.”

Regardless, instead of being in Los Angeles as a way to console Zayn — was Zayn Malik’s mother in Los Angeles to watch him perform for the VMAs? Rumors published by Contact Music on August 30 state that there is a strong possibility that Zayn Malik will be a VMA performer.

In the end, it is not entirely clear if Zayn Malik was spending time with his mum to get grounded after a very angry August. What is clear is that Zayn Malik might be moving on from Perrie Edwards — if gossip is believable.

The Daily Mail reports on August 29 that Zayn Malik may have a crush on a charming model named Neelam Gill. They spoke exclusively to an insider close to Zayn Malik and stated the following.

“[Zayn Malik] is smitten with Burberry model Neelam Gill after meeting in London earlier this year. And 20-year-old Neelam — who is Burberry’s first ever Indian model — is planning to jet to Los Angeles in the coming days to spend some quality time with Zayn, who is renting a home there while he works on his first solo album.”

[Featured image via Ian Gavan / Getty Images]