‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Real Killer Is Revealed, Did Madeline Really Kill Silas Clay?

On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, it looked like Silas Clay’s killer has finally been revealed. Viewers were shocked and disappointed that actor Michael Easton’s character was killed off, and the past few weeks has been devoted to trying to find out who did the deed. The show’s official Facebook had touted that the killer would be revealed on Friday, and it looks like the finger is now being pointed to Madeline Reeves. But is she really the one who killed Silas?

It certainly looks that way. In fact, Madeline, who is wonderfully played by iconic Donna Mills, is pretty devious and evil. She is determined to get her hands on her daughter’s money and will do anything to get it. The General Hospital spoilers had promised that it would be a shocking reveal as to who the killer is. However, is Madeline really a shock to viewers?

This could just be a teaser and leading fans down the wrong path. Maybe Madeline really didn’t kill Silas and it was someone else. Many viewers thought that maybe it was Kiki, Silas’ own daughter, who killed him and just doesn’t remember doing it. That would have certainly been a twist in this story line.

On Friday’s General Hospital cliffhanger, Kiki was in Silas’ apartment for the first time since she discovered his body. She had just found out from Franco that boyfriend Morgan Corinthos has been sleeping with her mother. Morgan showed up at Silas’ door and Kiki is about to confront him about it. This would be a good set-up, as she would start to remember what happened the day her father was killed when he revealed the truth to her about Ava and Morgan.


Some General Hospital fans thought this scenario might happen, but now that the soap has said that the killer would be revealed on Friday’s show, it all is heading toward Madeline as the killer. ABC also posted a sneak peek into this coming week’s happenings. Ric Lansing was originally a suspect, and was arrested for the crime, but he was let go and it looks like he is working to get a confession out of Madeline.


Nathan seems to have it all figured out and has enlisted Ric to nab the real killer. He is trying to get her to confess, and is most likely wearing a wire. General Hospital could still go with Kiki as being the murderer, but at this point that is highly unlikely, unless Morgan finds out and covers it up.

The ABC spoilers also revealed that Kiki would make a stunning confession to Ava this week. Will it be that she knows about the affair between her and Morgan, or will her confession be more than that?

Watch General Hospital this week to find out what develops in the Silas Clay murder.

[Photo by Mike Coppola / Getty Images]