Why You Shouldn’t Purchase A 1TB PlayStation 4

If you’re an old PlayStation user who’s looking to upgrade to PlayStation 4 or you just want to ditch your older PlayStation 4 console with a newer PlayStation 4 with bigger storage, then you probably were one of the people who rejoiced when Sony finally rolled out the new 1TB PlayStation 4. However, if you’re itching to get your hands on that new 1TB PlayStation 4, you might want to think twice, because it may not be worth your bucks.

Recently, PlayStation 4 just received a new hardware update. TechRadar has just finished testing out the new PlayStation 4 hardware, and the new CUH-1200 hardware update is a huge efficiency upgrade for the PlayStation 4, since the new hardware consumes 25 percent less power than the previous PlayStation 4 CUH-1100 hardware when in use. When in sleep mode, it consumes even 35 percent less power. Now that’s a great upgrade for the PlayStation 4, making it the best time to purchase the console. If this is the best time, then, to purchase a PlayStation 4, why not get the bigger and badder version, the 1TB Playstation 4?

Gizmodo reports that while Sony released the new CUH-1200 hardware for the PlayStation 4, the 1TB PlayStation 4 units Sony is releasing to the market will not come with this new hardware. The 1TB PlayStation 4 units spotted in the shelves are still actually running the older CUH-1100 hardware instead of the newer one.

So essentially, if you think you’re saving up by getting a 1TB PlayStation 4 unit, than getting an original 500GB PlayStation 4 console and then upgrading its hard drive, you’ll actually end up spending more on your electricity bills, since the 1TB PlayStation 4 consoles shipping now are still running the old PlayStation 4 hardware.

But if you really want that extra storage for your PlayStation 4, Time has published a solution that’s even better than getting the 1TB PlayStation 4 console.

You can easily upgrade your PlayStation 4 to a bigger 2TB PlayStation 4 console by purchasing a 2.5-inch SATA replacement hard drive to replace the built-in hard drive of your PlayStation 4. 2TB hard drives like these could be easily purchased for way lower than $100, which is a great investment taking into account that it will bring 2TB of space to your PlayStation 4. Read Time’s step-by-step instructions on replacing your PlayStation 4’s hard drive here.

Upgrade your PlayStation 4 instead with a 2tb hard drive
Upgrade your PlayStation 4 instead with a 2tb hard drive (PC Plus Magazine/Getty Images]

As of now, the new 1TB PlayStation 4 units could be purchased from leading online retailers such as Amazon, GameStop, and Tesco. But you can always get the regular 500GB PlayStation 4 console from GameStop, which comes with two free games.

[Image via Bloomberg / Getty Images]