Buffalo Bills Rumors: Rex Ryan Decides On Starting Quarterback

Buffalo Bills rumors about a starting quarterback are about to be addressed. Bills head coach Rex Ryan will decide on who the starting quarterback is going to be on Sunday (August 30). There is a catch to this decision, though. A report from ESPN states that Ryan is not going to make the decision public. It’s an odd move, but something that Ryan has become known for over his many years of coaching. This is all part of his ultimate strategy.

There are currently three main guys competing to be the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in 2015. EJ Manuel, Tyrod Taylor, and Matt Cassel all looked good on Saturday (August 29), as the Bills destroyed the Pittsburgh Steelers 43-19. It may have made the decision even tougher for Ryan, even though he may have already had a guy in mind before the first snap of the game was made.

It seems that these Buffalo Bills rumors are going to continue unless someone in the press figures out who has been given the title for the 2015 NFL season. On Saturday, EJ Manuel got the start, completing 7-of-8 passes for 170 yards and two touchdowns. He emerged with an amazing quarterback rating of 158.3 to his name. It was a great start, but his replacements looked really good, as well.

Tyrod Taylor completed 12-of-13 passes for 122 yards, rushing for a 20-yard touchdown during his time on the field. Taylor has quietly entered the running as a guy that Rex Ryan might be able to count on this year. Matt Cassel then finished off the game, completing 6-of-7 passes for 38 yards. He finishes his preseason action completing 13-of-15 passes for 83 total yards.

As for Matt Simms, he, too, had a good game, completing all five of his passes for 65 yards and a touchdown. Unfortunately for him, Simms is the odd man out already. Regarding the two guys with a slight edge to get the nod, EJ Mauel was 20-of-30 for 358 yards in the preseason, and Tyrod Taylor was 24-of-31 for 236 yards.

One key comment that Rex Ryan has made is that he expects Manuel, Cassel, and Taylor to all make the 53-man roster. The tough decision to decide who will be the Buffalo Bills’ starting quarterback will be kept under wraps so that the Indianapolis Colts cannot prepare for the team in Week 1. It looks to be a really good game on paper, no matter who Ryan selects.

[Image Source: Brett Carlsen / Getty Images]