Manhunt For Michigan Highway Sniper: Police Look For Clues To Prevent Deadly Attack

The hunt is on for a Michigan highway sniper. Authorities are looking for someone that has been shooting at cars driving along I-94 and I-69 near Battle Creek, Michigan, according to ABC News.

No drivers have been injured yet, but that could quickly change if the shooter continues on this rampage. Right now, the authorities are looking for clues before this sniper’s aim becomes deadly.

When did these attacks start? The police were first informed of the highway sniper situation on August 19. After a driver filed that report, the police went back and looked at previous reports, and police found two more incidents. One happened back in July, and the second was reported after August 19.

Those are three known cases linked to the sniper right now, but WTVB reported earlier this week that tests are being done in six investigations. This means that number could go up.

The police are hoping to find this sniper quickly. What do they know so far? Honestly, there is not much known about this case. The sniper attacks reported so far occurred in broad daylight between the hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

CNN reported that “tests from one of the investigations confirmed the damage found on one car was consistent with a bullet. Law enforcement said that other cases also likely resulted from the use of a weapon.”

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in this case. The authorities want drivers to check their cars for any possible damage connected to a sniper attack. Matt Saxton stated to the media that several reports of projectiles hitting vehicles have already come in from drivers that drive along “11-Mile and I-69 on I-94 and on I-69 between Jonesville Road and M-60 in Branch County.”

Residents and drivers in the area have been asked by the authorities to keep a close out for strange cars parked for long periods in places there should not be cars parked. If any suspicious vehicles or persons are spotted, it is best to call the authorities immediately.

This is not the first time a highway sniper has hit in Michigan. A sniper was caught in eastern Michigan in 2012. That case involved nearly two dozen vehicles, and one person was injured before the sniper was finally caught.

Raulie Casteel was arrested by the Michigan authorities for the shootings along the 1-96 highway corridor. A jury convicted the 44-year-old man for the sniper attacks in 2014. He testified in court about his crimes, according to Michigan Live.

“I saw a long line of traffic, felt fear and anxiety and shot. I can’t testify to the number, but I did fire at cars, yes.”

Casteel revealed that he did not intend to hurt anyone when he pulled out his gun. However, he did admit that he fired at one woman after she passed him on the highway. He testified in court that, “Jennifer Kupiec, who had been tailgating him on I-96 then passed his car on the right, agitated him to the point that he picked up the gun, rolled down the passenger side window and fired at Kupiec’s car.”

This batch of shootings outside Detroit caused fear for drivers in the area for a period of time. Bill Schuette, the Michigan Attorney General, spoke about the fear the 2012 incidents caused residents of Michigan.

“Raulie Casteel committed acts of violence that terrorized our state in unimaginable ways, and today the victims of his shooting spree received justice. Schools changed bus routes, commuters took back roads to and from work, and sports fans feared traveling to weekend games. I would like to thank our partners in local, state and federal law enforcement who dedicated unprecedented resources to apprehending Casteel before his reckless behavior took any lives.”

Calhoun County’s Major Crimes Task Force has begun investigating this new set of sniper shootings in Michigan, and they have contacted the authorities who handled the Casteel case in Detroit and Lansing. Casteel is behind bars, but the Detroit authorities might help the authorities working in Calhoun County to track down this new shooter.

It is important to contact Michigan authorities immediately if you believe the sniper has shot at your car. If you see any suspicious behavior along the highways, report it immediately.

[Image credit: Doug Kerr / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons]