Incontinence Lingerie Hits The Catwalk In Auckland, New Zealand [Video]

It might be surprising to hear the word "incontinence" in the same sentence as "catwalk," but a company called Confitex has recently released a line of attractive incontinence lingerie, and they showed it off in style this week in New Zealand.

In what is a world first, at the New Zealand Fashion Week in Auckland Confitex launched its new global brand of incontinence underwear for both women and men, which then graced the catwalk as a designer range.

The collection has been dubbed the Hi-Life Collection, and the company debuted 30 different looks which ranged from softer, evening lingerie, right through to every day wear. Their motto, "Don't hold back from living your life," is set to inspire the lifestyles of what is apparently one in four people worldwide who suffer from incontinence.

Cosmopolitan states rather crudely in their article about the incontinence underwear, "You know, so you can feel sexy even if you leak," and reportedly the New Zealand media questioned last week whether the runway is the best place to showcase incontinence lingerie. However, judging from photos and the video included at the end of this article, the new range of absorbent underwear for incontinence is attractive and apparently does the required job.

Ranging from the three-layered system for more absorbence to the first G-string designed for light incontinence, this waterproof and pad-less underwear for both men and women was developed by Dr. Mark Davey and Frantisek Riha-Scott. It reportedly took three years of research and development to come up with a range that looks and feels like real lingerie.

Riha-Scott said in a press release on PR Newswire, "Our underwear is beautiful, environmentally responsible, and made for people with a love of life and adventure."

Davey said that their consumers refuse to "live in a padded world."

"Why on earth should they? Not everyone wants to feel 'protected'. We've developed these products for people who love style and design and who want the clothes they're wearing to express who they are."
Davey added that people who suffer from incontinence should still be able to enjoy their "lifestyle, freedom, and independence," and that it is the company's goal to allow them to "do what they want to do and see who they want to see."According to Cosmopolitan, as opposed to incorporating pads and diapers into the incontinence lingerie, Confitex uses a brand that wicks away the moisture. Currently on sale at $34.90 each, the underwear bottoms have varied levels of absorbency from light (around a teaspoon's worth of liquid) right through to moderate (approximately half a cup at a time).

See more of the range of absorbent incontinence lingerie in the brief video included below.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]