Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly And Megyn Kelly Have Fantastic Ratings Week

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly once again had fantastic ratings this past week. O’Reilly increased his viewership from last week (3.02 million per-night average) to 3.12 million for this week when averaging ratings on Zap2It. His biggest night was Monday, with 3.35 million viewers, and his lowest was on Thursday, with 2.89 million viewers.

This week, O’Reilly talked a lot about what he considers Hillary Clinton’s doomed presidential bid and how he thinks Joe Biden is doomed if he runs, as well. He also talked about the murders of TV reporters Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward in Virginia.

“Sadly, there is no way any country can stop disturbed individuals from killing people. And because of America’s history, there is no way total control of firearms will ever happen. Americans have a right to bear arms in order to defend themselves. That is not going to change.”

Bill O’Reilly believes that the lack of spirituality is one of the main causes of the rise in murders. He believes all the recent murderers are nihilists, who believe in nothing but their own desires.

Megyn Kelly, who also talked a lot about the Virginia murders, scored an average of 2.87 million viewers a night the week after her vacation. Her biggest night was Monday, with 3.1 million viewers, and her lowest night was Thursday, with 2.69 million viewers. This week, Kelly interviewed Alison Parker’s father, Andy, and her boyfriend. Andy Parker described how he was feeling at the time of the interview.

“Well, you know, I’ve been alternating between the shock and the grief. You know, I’m holding up, I guess okay but I’ve been crying my eyes out all day long.”

Mr. Parker went on to tell Kelly that although his feelings have been back and forth, anger keeps creeping in, as well. Chris Hurst, Alison’s boyfriend, talked about the murderer (Vester Flanagan), who was a colleague at the station. He said that he wasn’t surprised, since Flanagan displayed odd behavior when working at the station. Both Hurst and Parker were upset that such a mentally ill person was so easily able to purchase a gun.

After the Virginia murders, the issue of gun control will be very prominent in the next week and you can bet that both Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly will talk about it extensively. We can also expect that, once again, both Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly will lead the ratings next week as well.

[Photos by Neilson Barnard and Scott Olson / Getty Images]