June 29, 2017
WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose Almost Stabbed By A Fan At WWE Live Event

Reports have been coming in from a WWE Live event in Providence that state a fan allegedly tried to stab Dean Ambrose. One of WWE's top talents, Ambrose was apparently walking back down the aisle, but stopped to sign some autographs and greet a few fans when the attacker hopped the barricade and ran toward him with his arm above his head.

TMZ is reporting that the incident happened right after the WWE Live event in Providence. As Ambrose was walking toward backstage up the aisle, he stopped to meet with some fans and shake some hands.

Ambrose had his back turned near a barricade when a fan jumped over a far barricade and sprinted toward the WWE star. The fan was said to be holding a sharp object in his hand, and he actually reached Ambrose before security quickly took him down.

Multiple reports have different people saying that the fan was indeed holding a knife and attempted to stab Dean Ambrose.

Other reports, such as one by PWM Scoops, state that the fan had no knife and was simply trying to get close to Ambrose before security got him.

There has been no updated word on what exactly the fan was holding or what happened to him after the event. He was obviously detained by arena and WWE security before either being escorted out of the building or to waiting police.

This isn't the only recent incident of a fan attacking a superstar at a WWE Live event.

Earlier in August, Roman Reigns was in a match with Bray Wyatt when a replica Money in the Bank briefcase was thrown into the ring by a fan. The briefcase actually hit Reigns in the head and momentarily knocked him out.

Reigns quickly recovered and finished the match, but the fan was approached by security and ejected from the building. Roman Reigns suffered no serious injuries.

As for the fan allegedly stabbing Dean Ambrose at a WWE Live event, whether he had a knife or not, it wasn't a good idea to go after a wrestling superstar. Not only was he taken down hard by security, but he's likely facing criminal charges now, as well.

[Image via WWE]