WWE News: Chris Jericho Reveals Why He Hasn’t Returned To WWE Television

Chris Jericho

For the past year, Chris Jericho has only been wrestling on some live events for WWE, as he’s made his rock band, Fozzy, his number one priority in terms of his career, and, at 44-years-old, Jericho has more years behind him as an active wrestler than he does in front of him. So, it’s not surprising that “Y2J” is focusing on his career after wrestling.

That said, Jericho is still as good of a performer as WWE has right now, and he’s more than capable of stealing the show every time he steps into the ring. As a matter of fact, when Jericho performs at a WWE live event, his match is always said to be one of, if not the best match on the show, no matter who he’s in the ring with.

For a long time, Jericho has said that he loves working the WWE live events because there’s not a lot of pressure, and he’s not being held to the time constraints of television. He can just go out there, and have fun. Jericho has also said that he’s not interested in returning to WWE television unless there is something that’s “Chris Jericho-worthy” planned for him upon his return.

Earlier this week, Jericho appeared on Huff Post Live to hype the season finale of WWE Tough Enough, which he’s the host of. In the interview, Jericho revealed that he has been close to returning to WWE television over the last couple of months, but, at the last minute, something changes, and it doesn’t happen.

“It’s always about the storyline, so it’s not so much who it would be, but what’s the story. There have been times when I was about ready to come back to WWE TV and we couldn’t figure out the right stories, so I didn’t.”

In the interview, Jericho was asked about who he would be interested in feuding with if he returned to WWE television, and he named Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Neville as guys he would be interested in working with in the future. So, it’s likely that one of those men have been pitched to Jericho as his adversary upon his television return.

Some have suggested that Jericho will come back to wrestle Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 32, but, of course, Bryan needs to be cleared by the WWE medical staff before that happens. If Bryan is cleared, Jericho has said that he interested in working with Bryan, because the two of them have never really had a lengthy match or program with one another, and he believes that the two of them would tear the house down if they were allowed to have a lengthy match on WWE TV.

[Image via Robin Merchant / Getty Images]