NY Mother Charged With Murder After Killing And Living With Baby’s Dead Body For 3 Months

NY Mother Charged With Murder After Killing And Living With Baby's Dead Body For 3 Months

The Batavia Police Department is investigating the death of the baby girl discovered in a Batavia apartment three months after she died.

The baby girl’s mother, Christina Colantonio, 28, was charged with second-degree murder.

According to WCVB, an acquaintance of Colantonio made the gruesome discovery upon visiting her apartment, located at Liberty Street. There she saw the lifeless body of the baby girl, and the acquaintance immediately called 911 to the scene.

The investigators believe that Christina Colantonio killed her baby birl “shortly after birth,” which is about three months ago. As of this post, authorities have not released details about the death and exactly how the baby was killed. However, they say that they have “enough evidence” to confirm that the baby’s death was intentional and not an accident. A medical examiner will be determining the baby girl’s official cause of death, according to ABC News.

Todd Crosset of the Batavia Police Department made a statement.

“Detectives were able to determine that the child was born at home and that the mother, Christina Colantonia, kept the deceased infant there for a prolonged period of time.”

Colantonio’s neighbors were shocked to hear the sad news. David Zanghi, one of the neighbors spoke out about he gruesome find.

“I was floored. I didn’t think anything like that would happen, especially across the street from me.

“She always waves. Very pleasant, very cordial young lady. This has me floored. I think it has the whole neighborhood floored.”

“This is a very quiet neighborhood. Everyone kind of keeps to themselves so it’s shocking,” another neighbor, Jennifer Hageman, said.

Reports also say that Christina Colantonio lived in the apartment with the deceased baby girl and her two other children. However, the two children were not found in the home when investigators arrived at the scene.

Colantonio was brought to jail on Saturday night on a second-degree murder charge. She appeared before a judge who sent her to jail without bail.

Despite the condition of the baby girl’s body not being released after its discovery, Crosset said that the officers who responded to the scene to investigate the death of the baby girl are being offered counselling, as they had to see something so gruesome. He also said that detectives are determined to bring justice for the baby girl’s death, as reported by WIVB.

“It’s not something you see on a regular basis. They are the most vulnerable part of the population, infant children, but the detectives that we have here, they understand that the job needs to be done to get a successful conclusion for the case, and to get justice for the baby is the ultimate outcome.”

Christina Colantonio will be appearing back in court on Monday. More information will be released on this case as investigation continues.

[Image via Batavia Police Department]