Dawn VadBunker: New Details On Missing Mom And Her Link To Deceased ‘Alien-Human’ Jeffrey Lash

Dawn VadBunker, a 39-year-old mom-of-two from southern California, suddenly left her home and her teenage kids, and vanished on July 3. She was located in Oregon about two weeks later, and sent a letter to her family apologizing — though she still has not returned home. But her strange and seemingly irresponsible behavior was far from the whole story.

Soon after she was located, police revealed that VadBunker (pictured above, left) and her employer, Catherine Nebron, were with a 60-year-old mystery man named Jeffrey Lash when he collapsed and died inside an SUV in a Santa Monica, California, parking lot. And who was Jeffrey Lash?

Investigators are still trying to piece together the answer to that question — but they know that he owned a massive arsenal of weapons — about $5 million worth — as well as 12 vehicles at least one of which was bulletproofed and another converted to operate in water as well as on land.

He also had what police described as “tons” of ammo along with $230,000 cash in the apartment he shared with Nebron, who was Lash’s live-in girlfriend and reportedly helped finance his bizarre efforts to become a one-man army.

Now, nearly two months after his death, new details are emerging about Lash and his connection to VadBunker — who was just one of several women that Lash somehow talked into believing that he was a CIA secret agent and, even more amazing, that he was a human-alien hybrid.

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According to Jim Curry, VadBunker’s estranged husband (pictured above, right) who spoke to Los Angeles TV station KTLA last week, his wife knew Lash for just three months before he died and she disappeared — along with Nebron, who has since returned.

Meeting Lash brought about a drastic and bizarre change in his wife’s behavior, Curry said.

Somehow, even though VadBunker told Curry that she had never been happier in her life than in the year that they were married, three months was all the time it took for Lash to talk VadBunker into believing his seemingly insane life story.

Curry said that VadBunker’s boss and close friend, Nebron, had been talking about Lash — whom she called “Bob” — for some time before introducing him to VadBunker.

“She was overly excited to meet this guy that had been hyped up for so long … and then things started changing,” Curry told KTLA. “All this other hocus-pocus about the CIA guy started getting conveyed to me, and it’s just weird.”

Though it was only VadBunker and Nebron — along with, oddly, Nebron’s dentist ex-husband, Philip Gorin — who were with Lash when he died — lawyers now dealing with Lash’s considerable estate say it now appears that at least two other women were involved with Lash and believed the story of his alien origins and CIA involvement.

Lash kept a condo in Malibu with a woman identified only as “Jocelyn.” He was also romantically linked to a third woman, Michelle Lyons. As a probate judge struggles to make sense of the Jeffrey Lash estate, and to solve the mystery of where and how he got rich enough to afford all of his weaponry, all three women are battling Lash’s cousins for control of everything he left behind.

Meanwhile, Jim Curry is left wondering where Dawn VadBunker is today, and if she plans ever to speak to him again.

[Images: Facebook, California DMV, KTLA-TV]