Fifth Harmony Says ‘True Beauty Is What’s Within’

Fifth Harmony: views on beauty

In an editorial done by Teen Vogue, the ladies of Fifth Harmony have proven that they’re “worth it,” expressing their views on what beauty really is all about.

You might remember Fifth Harmony from The X-Factor, but more than likely you’ve heard the all-girl group in their hit single “Worth It.” The group is composed of, not surprisingly, five young women who all bring something different, yet equally powerful, to the table.

Teen Vogue brought Fifth Harmony in for a “relatively barefaced” photo shoot which featured the girls of Fifth Harmony in a style reminiscent of supermodels of the 90s. The girls were asked questions like what was their favorite feature, and if they liked doing their make-up. Twenty-two-year-old Ally Brooke Hernandez, the oldest of Fifth Harmony, was very modest in her answer of what her favorite feature is.

“It’s weird talking about myself! I don’t want to sound or feel arrogant, you know? But I think it’s extremely important to be confident in yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. I really like my legs! My dad and mom have good legs, and I’m just thankful that I’m able to keep ’em strong!”

When asked what woman she found most beautiful, Ally Brooke touchingly replied that she found her mother, a sufferer of scoliosis, to be the most beautiful woman she knows.

Nineteen-year-old Camila Cabello had an inspirational answer when asked what beauty meant to her.

“Beauty is in the way you carry yourself as a person. It has nothing to do with the physical.”

Eighteen-year-old Dinah Jane Hansen, the youngest of Fifth Harmony, had an answer to that same question that was just as heartening.

“It took me a long time to realize the meaning of beauty. Growing up, I used to want to be the girl in the magazine, with a perfect face or body, and I’ve come to realize true beauty is what’s within. It’s the girl that’s happy with her own reflection.”

When 19-year-old Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui was asked what her fans should know about beauty, her answer was probably the most uplifting.

“It comes from within and shines from within, because if you’re a beautiful person inside, people will automatically see that on the outside as well. It’s about loving yourself and being confident.”

It’s certainly inspiring to see that the women of Fifth Harmony, who no doubt largely influence young girls in our society, have such mature and encouraging views. It seems that the beauty standard is not what it used to be and with women like these five to leverage their refreshing beliefs on what beauty truly should mean, it comes as no surprise.

You can find the full interview with Fifth Harmony at Teen Vogue.

[Photo Courtesy of Robin Marchant/Getty Images]