Taylor Swift Shares Her ‘Wildest Dreams’ With VMA Video Debut

Taylor Swift knows a thing or two about how to make grand entrances.

So it should come as no surprise that Swift will use the spotlight shining on her at the VMA Music Awards, according to Entertainment Weekly. The show will serve as the platform for Taylor to debut the music video for her fifth single from the wildly successful 1989 album entitled “Wildest Dreams.”

To tease fans about the impending release, Taylor took to Twitter Sunday and included a short video along with the message.

Swift continues to tease fans with the video before its debut. A new tweet today from Taylor shows Swift and Scott Eastwood in a black and white photo next to an airplane. The duo is wearing an outfit from a by-gone era, potentially a nod to The Notebook for the music video.

Scott Eastwood also posted the photo on his Instagram to discuss the experience of working on “Wildest Dreams” music video with Taylor Swift. Eastwood was extremely complimentary of the 25-year-old recording artist.

“What an amazing time working with @taylorswift Not only is she a rockstar. But someone I am proud to call a friend. She is a great person and those are hard to find in your life. When you do…. Hold tight.”

Swift wasn’t worried about making her boyfriend – DJ and singer Calvin Harris – jealous with the production. According to Hollywood Life, not only did Harris sign off on the pairing, but he also wasn’t on the set during the filming, an inside source confirmed.

“Calvin isn’t the jealous type. He trusts Taylor 100%. He actually gave her the thumbs up with her casting choice in ‘Wildest Dreams.’ Calvin wasn’t on the set, but he did meet Scott with Taylor and thinks he’s cool.”

“Wildest Dreams” could make the fifth hit single to be released from 1989 for Taylor. Swift has previously released “Shake It Off,” “Blank Space,” “Bad Blood,” and “Style” from the record that has sold more than 5.1 million copies since its release in 2014. Of the previous four singles released, all gave Taylor a number one hit except “Style,” which only reached the number six spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 songs.

Taylor Swift will debut the music video for “Wildest Dreams” on Sunday night during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show.

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[Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]