Harry Styles Yawns At Acting Offers, Feels Tired From Tour

Speculation about Harry Styles’ next move during his break from One Direction in 2016 is dominating the minds of his true fans. However, if insiders are to be believed, Harry may be disinterested in projects outside of music. Sadly, part of Harry Styles’ nonchalance may be related to his tour fatigue.

Of course, Harry Styles has no problem with occasionally putting his energy where it is needed, and his recent takedown of SeaWorld is proof. According to an article published by Business Insider on August 27, the bad publicity that SeaWorld got from Harry Styles taking a stand against has SeaWorld worried about ticket sales.

Nevertheless, some say that Harry Styles is looking frazzled lately, and that industry burnout may be an issue for Harry. The Verge headlined an article on August 25 with “One Direction are tired” and wrote the following reasons why Harry Styles might be burned out.

“…One Direction will have played 329 live shows in just under four years. They built their fan base… with [all of those years worth] of dates, but it came at a cost. Tours of the size and length One Direction typically undertake are grueling, complicated affairs, and you could see the toll they exacted on the band in Morgan Spurlock’s otherwise jolly 2013 concert film One Direction: This Is Us.”

But is Harry Styles showing any signs of burnout lately? On August 28, the Mirror wrote, “Harry Styles doesn’t do stuff by half measures on stage. Which is why the 21-year-old became… absolutely knackered – during a performance with One Direction at the FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland on Thursday.”

Unfortunately, Harry Styles might be losing his wind because Simon Cowell allegedly admitted to wearing out One Direction. When interviewed by the Daily Mail on August 27, Simon Cowell stated that he worked One Direction and Harry Styles too hard — and this may be why they need a break in the first place.

Because of Harry Styles’ need to take a break in general, he may be turning down any solo projects during 2016. For example, Business Standard writes on August 28 that insiders close to Harry Styles claim he is refusing any acting roles — unless it is the perfect role for him.

Despite this, fans do not need to worry about Harry Styles disappearing from the spotlight entirely during the 2016 1D break. The Daily Mail reported the following on August 25 about what Harry Styles’ future without One Direction will possibly look like.

“Harry Styles has reportedly already been approached by Sony music to secure a lucrative deal as a solo artist in the wake of the band’s decision to take an ‘extended hiatus’ in 2016… [Harry Styles] is said to have been given precedence over his band mates Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson because music insiders believe he is the band’s breakout star.”

[Feature image via Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]