Harry Potter Is A Villain In The Trailer For A Very Magical Horror Movie [Video]

J.K. Rowling fooled Harry Potter fans into thinking that Professor Severus Snape was nothing but a double-crossing, slimy Death Eater, but she later redeemed the head of Slytherin by giving him a hero's death that probably still makes Potter fans tear up just thinking about it. But what if the reverse had happened? What if one of Rowling's heroes, Harry Potter, turned out to be a villain?

According to Entertainment Weekly, BloodBlitz Comedy recently entertained this idea by using footage from the Harry Potter movies to create a fake horror movie trailer. The Potter films are full of pretty scary stuff, from Death Eaters who have no problem torturing kids to soul-sucking Dementors and giant snakes and spiders. Oh, and of course there's You-Know-Who. However, BloodBlitz Comedy managed to turn Harry Potter into the most terrifying being in the Harry Potter movies.

In the video below, Harry is into one of those creepy horror movie kids with troubled pasts that turn them into psychopaths. This perpetually-angry Potter is a "murderous, raving lunatic" who gets accused of killing his parents, and some foreboding music and a few clips of Harry at his worst make him seem more like a young Lord Voldemort and less like the Chosen One.

J.K. Rowling probably won't be writing Harry Potter: The Boy Who Kills anytime soon, but she does love a good villain. According to the New York Daily News, she recently egged on a friendly rivalry between Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom, aka the other possible Chosen One. Well, the battle wasn't actually between the fictional rivals, and no wands were involved. Instead, the actors who played the wizards, Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis, used the magic of Twitter to verbally spar.

Their friendly war of words was sparked by Lewis retweeting a trailer for Felton's new movie Risen. Lewis let Felton know that he was excited about the film, but his pal responded in a very Draconian manner. Based on their conversation, it sounds like the guys are about to play against each other in Quidditch.

J.K. Rowling saw the actors' tweets and decided to weigh in on their exchange of words. However, she didn't play referee -- she couldn't resist encouraging their rivalry. After all, conflict does make life (and books about boy wizards) more interesting.You can check out a trailer for Felton's new movie below. There are no wizards in Risen, but there is a savior and a lot of people wearing long robes.

Do you think Harry Potter would make a better villain than Draco Malfoy?

[Image credit: Warner Bros.]