Former Ohio Attorney Accused Of Sexually Assaulting His Female Clients Using Hypnosis

A former Ohio lawyer, Michael Fine, has been accused of hypnotizing female clients for his sexual gratification. The investigation began when one client says she was "losing track of time" and unable to recall details about meetings with Fine. Therefore, she began to suspect foul play. She decided to begin recording phone conversations with the Ohio attorney in which Fine used sexually explicit language to use as proof of the attorney's wrongdoing. The woman then went to police who wired her with an audio and video recorder during an encounter with Fine at his office. When the lawyer began using explicit language, the police entered the building and arrested the man.

CBS 4 reports that Michael Fine agreed to permanently surrender his license to practice law in the United States after police arrested him on charges of kidnapping, sexual battery, and gross sexual imposition. The charges relate to two female clients who say Fine used hypnosis on them while using explicit sexual language. Two women say that while working with Fine on domestic matters, a custody dispute and divorce, they began losing track of time and were unable to recall meetings and phone calls with the attorney.

One woman says that Fine discussed relaxation and meditation techniques during legal consultations and that she suspected he tried to hypnotize her. However, another victim says that she began recording phone conversations with Fine as she was having difficulty remembering them. On the records Fine uses sexually explicit language before continuing conversation about her legal matters.

The Cleveland Scene notes that in the phone conversation recordings taken by the first victim, Fine sounds as though he is hypnotizing his client into a trance-like state using code words and even ends the sexual portion of the conversation by explaining to the possibly hypnotized client that she would not cancel her next meeting and that all she would remember about the conversation is that they discussed legal matters. The lawsuit says that the attorney informed the woman to bring a vibrator to his office during their next meeting and spoke sexually to the client throughout the conversation. Phrases used during the dialogue included -- her "coming," having "pleasure and arousal excitement," "releases," the "most massive, most incredible, most powerful whole body orgasm in your entire life," and "multiple orgasms." He told her in the phone call not to "cancel her next meeting" and that all she will remember about their conversation is that "we talked about legal matters."

The first woman says she didn't come to police sooner because she felt like they wouldn't believe the wacky story. However, once she had the video recordings she knew they couldn't dismiss her concerns. After she turned over audio recordings of the attorney speaking to her in an unprofessional manner and using sexually explicit words, the police decided to wire the woman with an audio and video recorder. She then went to a meeting at the attorney's officer were police again heard Fine using sexual language after appearing to hypnotize the woman. The police entered the building after Fine began telling the woman what sexual acts to perform on his coach as he filmed her from his desk.

The second victim, according to the Daily Mail, went to police after she learned that the attorney was no longer practicing law and suspected that there was something more going on with her "lost time." Fine's attorney notes that his client had been seeking medical treatments for some time but did not elaborate. Additionally, the attorney said that Fine is "surprised" by some of the charges against him.

[Image Credit: Police Provided Photo Via Fox News]