Disney Gay Wedding: First Lesbian Couple to Marry at Japan’s Disneyworld

Gay weddings at Disneyland- it’s happening, people, and does anyone else feel like if panties weren’t in a knot over Obama’s long-awaited support of gay marriage already, this might be the tipping point of knicker twistage?

The first gay wedding at Disney isn’t happening stateside (in Florida, could you imagine?) but rather in Japan, where a lesbian couple is in the midst of planning their big day to be officiated by the mouse. 27-year-old Japanese lesbian Koyuki Higashi is an avid Disney fan, and says that she was thrilled at the thought of a Disney wedding for impending vows- she tells Reuters:

“My partner and I just love going to Disneyland, so when we saw a pamphlet advertising wedding receptions by the Cinderella Castle in Tokyo Disneyland we called and asked if we could hold our wedding there.”

Higashi says the hotel was totally cool with hosting Tokyo Disney’s first same-sex wedding fete, but they initially had one small request made of the couple. Higashi says:

“When I explained it would be with my female partner they hesitated and asked that one of us wear a tuxedo as the sight of two people with the same wedding dress would make other visitors to the park uncomfortable.”

disney lesbian wedding

I mean, contrasted with American relations on the subject of anything controversial, that seems remarkably civil. Tokyo Disney didn’t try to discourage the wedding and obfuscate the fact. The bride-to-be didn’t go off running to the media that she may not get to wear a big white dress. Everyone seems to be handling the issue like adults.

But it gets better. A week later, Disney told the couple that either party could wear whatever they liked, and explains:

“We have never refused a request for a same-sex marriage… As for the issue of clothing, initially there was incomplete understanding on the part of our staff.”

The couple do not yet have a date for when Disney’s first gay marriage will happen.