Travi$ Scott’s ‘Maria I’m Drunk’ Dials Up Big Heat From Justin Bieber & Young Thug

Travi$ Scott’s surprise Rodeo album track, featuring Justin Bieber and Young Thug, will assure many of one thing: All those annoying people who tweet, “Y’all slept on Justin Bieber” were, in fact, dead right.

After Rodeo leaked online last night, (August 28), one Twitter user wrote, ” ‘Maria I’m Drunk’ is a mediocre track, but Bieber slaughtered his guest spot. Kid is going to control the conversation for the rest of 2015.”

“Maria I’m Drunk” is a mediocre track, but Bieber slaughtered his guest spot. Kid is going to control the conversation for the rest of 2015.

— James Dalgarno (@theotherjd) August 30, 2015

Earlier this month, after news surfaced unofficially on Twitter that Bieber would feature on Scott’s debut album along with artists including Kanye West, The Weeknd, 2 Chainz, Future, ScHoolboy Q, and Juicy J, many wondered what the track would sound like.

So, does “Maria I’m Drunk” cut it? Swirling synths, backup vocals, and moody atmospherics kick the track off, as Scott is heard calling out for “Maria.” This gives way to a different time signature and a dissonant, piano riff over which Scott and Young Thug turn up in the chorus, and invite “Maria” to “call your friends and lets get drunk,” in what is an undeniably hypnotic section.

Scott takes the first deadpan verse.

Check out the five-and-a-half minute track here.

Things switch gears dramatically when Bieber ponies up in the second verse. The 21-year-old superstar sings fast and fierce bars delivered with the intensity of a rap, before seguing into pure seductive, R&B mode for the second act of his spot.

In short: He killed it.

The rest of “Travi$ Scott – “Maria I’m Drunk’ (Feat. Justin Bieber & Young Thug)” is a vamp out between Young Thug and ScotT playing off each other over the track.

We don’t agree with the first Twitter user’s “mediocre” verdict, although it’s clear that Bieber brings a kinetic energy to the track that would be very different without his presence. Meanwhile, Young Thug impresses less, but his contribution doesn’t jar and he interplays well with Scott.

After the tracklist for his first album leaked earlier this week, Travi$ Scott’s Rodeo officially touches down on September 4. A Travi$ Scott action figure comes with the record in a special pack.

A snapshot of Twitter reactions to “Maria I’m Drunk” follows.

Wowwww Justin Bieber hopped on Drunk and made it a million times better, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and JB. recipe for a hit

— ⱢXИИΫ ⱣⱢVΫ ₮XX MXϾῌ (@lxnxff_27s) August 29, 2015

Bieber killed that @trvisXX track bruh. Damn haha

— BEN BALLER™ (@BENBALLER) August 30, 2015

the fact that justin can collaborate with edm artists and hip hop artists in the same week and make bangers in both genres

— jordan (@biebsuschrist) August 29, 2015

justin bieber and young thug featured together on rodeo ohhh myyyy gawdddd

— gabe (@gabeamare) August 29, 2015

Justin Bieber has the craziest feature on Rodeo

— FARGO (@DREXONFARGO) August 29, 2015

MARIA IM DRUNK has solidified Justin Beiber as a great idgaf

— mcFINESSE (@mc_niggaaa) August 30, 2015

[Images via Rodeo album]