2016 Presidential Polls: Hillary Clinton's Support Level Drops To Lowest In Three Years

As Donald Trump's support rating continues to soar while leading him closer to a Republican nomination, the support for Hillary Clinton continues to plummet. Not only has Bernie Sanders been right on her heels in the last month, but her support among Democrats in the 2016 presidential polls has dropped to its lowest point since 2012.

Newsweek has reported that it was almost three years ago that Reuters/Ipsos began polling on Hillary Clinton's chances to win the Democratic party nomination for the 2016 election. Almost instantly, her support shot up to the stratosphere, but now it's lower than ever.

The 2016 presidential poll was taken over the previous five days, and it had Clinton at 45 percent of the vote. Bernie Sanders was up to 25 percent and closing as this is Clinton's smallest lead in three years.

Many still see Clinton's openness and honesty as being untrustworthy because they feel she is just sharing far too much. Now, the issue of a private email account being used when she served as America's top diplomat has cast an even bigger shadow over her.

Her support may drop even more with Vice President Joe Biden still considering whether or not he wants to throw his hat into the ring. In recent weeks, it has seemed more and more likely that he will join the race.

If Biden does join the race, Clinton's support could drop even more. As the Des Moines Register reported, her support in Iowa was only at 37 percent while Bernie Sanders captured 30 percent of the vote.

As of Friday, a Reuters/Ipsis poll of Republicans showed that Donald Trump still had a huge lead over his closest competitor. Trump was polling with 33 percent while former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was in second with 12 percent.

There is no denying that Trump has the upper-hand in the Republican race because even though he has a lesser percentage than Clinton among his party's voters, there are a lot more candidates against him.

If things continue on the path they are going, Hillary Clinton could end up seeing her lead diminish even more by the time the first Democratic debate rolls around.

The 2016 presidential polls are still in their early stages and a lot of things could change over the coming months. Still, Hillary Clinton has seen her support and lead diminish quite quickly and she needs to keep a close eye on Donald Trump and a closer eye on Bernie Sanders.

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