Niall Horan Identity Theft? Plays Irish Charity Soccer Game

On occasion, fans will do a double-take when they see someone that reminds them of Niall Horan -- but is there a whole other person named "Niall Horan" or is Niall the victim of identity theft?

As it appears, either Niall Horan is a time traveler or there is another person in this world with the exact same name as Niall. On the other hand, there could be a third reason that Niall Horan mysteriously appeared at a soccer game in Ireland on the same day he was playing concerts in North America -- and it does not involve illegal identity theft.

Naturally, this is not the first time that someone has been mistaken for Niall Horan. Adding to the long list of doppelgängers, there are also people who are imitating Niall Horan on purpose.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are several Niall Horan impersonators out there, and the "Niall Horan" of Mexico is particularly popular. Along those lines, SugarScape reported on December 16, 2014, that there are even girls that look like Niall Horan.

Being a person that looks like Niall Horan is not always fun and the Mirror reported on June 4, 2014, that Niall Horan's U.K. lookalike had to be rescued at a One Direction concert. The trouble began because fans were convinced the doppelgänger was the real Niall Horan.

However, there are no obvious search engine results about an Irish person that shares Niall Horan's name. Regardless, a Limerick Leader report from August 26 suggests that either Niall Horan has the quickest airplane ever made -- or there is another person named Niall Horan.

According to their report, the second Niall Horan was participating in a charity soccer game in Coonagh, Ireland. Called the Limerick Charity Cup, the quarterfinal clash was between the Shannon and Old Crescent football/soccer clubs.

Sadly, the Shannon FC that the other Niall Horan was a part of lost the game and this Niall Horan was not mentioned in the writeup as scoring a major goal. Nevertheless, when the football/soccer players were listed at the bottom of the article, Niall Horan's name clearly appears.

Allegedly, Niall Horan was in attendance -- but the dates simply do match up with his tour schedule. For example, according to the Limerick Leader, the charity soccer game in Ireland took place on August 25. At that time, Niall Horan was performing thousands of miles away with One Direction in Milwaukee.

Could there be a second Niall Horan in Ireland -- or is there another explanation? One other possible reason a second Niall Horan was mentioned online could be nothing more than an easy-to-make spellcheck error by the writer -- or a Freudian slip by a true 1D fan.

[Feature image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images]