Josh Duggar's Rehab Center Revealed: No Access To Computers, Cell Phones, For The Next Six Months

The Duggar family announced that their oldest son, Josh Duggar, had checked himself into a "long-term" rehabilitation center in the wake of the Ashley Madison leak. Josh Duggar admitted to not only having an account on the website designed for securing partners outside of marriage, but also to a long-lived pornography addiction. Though the family announced Josh had entered rehab, further details were not provided. However, new details suggest that Josh Duggar was checked into the Reformers Unanimous addiction program in Rockford, Illinois.

Gawker reports that the night before the Duggar family announced Josh had entered a rehab facility, John David Duggar's personal airplane made an unusual flight in the middle of the night. According to Flight Aware, John David's plane made a late night jaunt between Springdale, Arkansas, and Rockford, Illinois. The plane stopped for just 10 minutes in Rockford before immediately heading back to Springdale. As Gawker points out, the 10 minute stop in Rockford would have been just enough to drop someone off and leave.

The Rockford stop would have likely went unnoticed had the Duggar family not had other ties to the Rockford area. Just a few months before the Josh Duggar scandal, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar spoke at the Reformers Unanimous National conference. During the conference, Jim Bob and Michelle noted that they had referred people to the organization in the past to deal with drug and alcohol addictions problems. Therefore, it seems likely that the Duggar family would refer their own son to the program for his pornography addiction treatment.

Josh Duggar rehab facility

People Magazine reports that Reformer's Unanimous runs a six month addiction program that costs $7,500. The program boasts an 80 percent success rate and treats up to 40 men at a time. The treatment consists of removing items such as cell phones and computers while limited television time. The men live on site during their treatment and are put into bunk rooms with a roommate. All communications outside of the program with family members are monitored by staff for the first 60 days, but can go out with family or approved visitors on the weekends after the initial 60 day period.

Reformer's Unanimous says that it provides "a reconstructive learning atmosphere where the non-functioning person can be trained in a supportive environment of discipleship consisting of: study, mentoring, Bible education, and work place training."

"This atmosphere can be referred to as a 'greenhouse' effect. We help get the student rooted firmly, so they are able to withstand all that life brings to them."
Do you think Reformer's Unanimous will be able to break Josh Duggar of his pornography addiction and save his marriage?

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