Billy Ray Cyrus Turns 54, Miley Bakes Him Disgusting Cake

Billy Ray Cyrus turned 54-years-old on August 25, and celebrated it with an intimate family gathering at home, with daughter Miley baking him what some have described as some kind of a cake-like item, although pictures suggest otherwise.

The quirky, recently revealed pansexual and "Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2015" as determined by PETA, decided her "Achy Breaky Heart" singing dad desperately needed a vegan cake. She baked one and smothered it with sprinkles, pom-poms, flowers, and seemingly anything else flamboyant and daring she could cram on to it, according to People.

Instagram shots of a rather somber looking Billy Ray Cyrus scraping the uber-creative topping off of the cake suggest it wasn't his favorite baked good. Miley Cyrus summed up the scene of her dad digging through the decorative explosion in a very Miley Cyrus way.

"[D]ad turnt intoooo a geologisssst 4 his biiiiirrrrrfffffdayyyyy"
Billy Ray Cyrus was flanked by his family in more Instagram shots posted by Miley, including his wife Tish Cyrus, and Miley's siblings Trace, Braison, and Noah Cyrus. Miley stands out in her pink, unicorn covered onesie PJ ensemble, has her tongue hanging out (it seems to be permanently stuck outside of her mouth these days), her crotch firmly grabbed, and a pair of hoop earrings that could easily fit around her waist. She just can't seem to take a break from being wacky Miley.

Although Billy Ray Cyrus may be getting older, he doesn't appear to be slowing down. The patriarch of the Cyrus clan is slated to be the executive producer, writer, and star in a CMT comedy show called Still The King, which he described to Rolling Stone.

"I play a dysfunctional Elvis impersonator who ends up lying his way into a church out of desperation, to help pay his child support."
The character's name, according to Variety, is "Burning Vernon" Brown and is, apparently, a washed-up one-hit wonder who eventually turns into a darn fine Elvis impersonator. One thing leads to another, and he winds up in some wacky situations after a drunken crash into a Nashville church, as can be expected. And in the more immediate future, according to MTV, the proud dad will be live-tweeting as Miley Cyrus hosts the Video Music Awards, better known by its acronym VMAs, on Sunday, August 29.Given her past performance on the VMAs, where she exploded out of a teddy bear to launch into a sexually provocative performance that emphasized how much she loved having her tongue outside of her head, who knows what could happen on Sunday. MTV, apparently, has given Miley free reign to do as she pleases on the VMAs. This could make Billy Ray Cyrus' Twitter feed interesting indeed.

[Photo from Miley Cyrus]