Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Team Will Have Running Back By Committee Or Sign Another Big-Name Free Agent

The Dallas Cowboys were hoping that the loss of DeMarco Murray in free agency would be an easy fix. Well, they have a number of options currently on the roster to try and replace him, but injuries and lack of production have made things a bit stressful. Now, the Cowboys are looking at either going with a running back by committee this season or signing a veteran free agent such as Ray Rice or Pierre Thomas.

According to the Star-Telegram, the Cowboys are really looking at a "committee approach" to their running game for the upcoming NFL season.

Third-year back Joseph Randle was expected to separate himself from the pack and emerge as the eventual regular season starter. Injuries have kept him sidelined for much of training camp though, and he hasn't been able to sit at the top.

Newcomer Darren McFadden has also been dealing with injuries during training camp, but that is nothing new for him. With that though, he hasn't been able to show his worth and stability either.

Lance Dunbar has practiced some, but also dealt with injuries that also made him miss some time. Undrafted free agent Gus Johnson actually started the first preseason game, and that's only good for him to hopefully make the team.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett still has faith in those on the team already.

"They're young players who need opportunities. I think they've done a good job in camp and we want to give them chances in these preseason games to get ready for the regular season."
ESPN states that it really isn't a good sign for the Cowboys that Randle couldn't separate himself from the rest of the running back pack. He was expected to jump ahead both Mcfadden and Dunbar, but it just never happened.

There are still a number of available veteran free agent running backs on the market, but would the Cowboys want to risk a roster spot by signing one?

The Arizona Cardinals have already signed Chris Johnson so he's out even though he had been a target of the Cowboys a couple of months ago. Ray Rice is out there and ready for a comeback, but it looks as if even Jerry Jones doesn't want to take that risk.

Others still remain available as Steven Jackson and Pierre Thomas, and they aren't getting a lot of looks. At least, not yet. If injuries start piling up once regular season approaches, they could find themselves with a job soon.

If the Dallas Cowboys are going to bring in another running back, they need to do it now before the good players are all gone. If not, then fantasy owners may end up very frustrated as the regular season stats get split between the committee of Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden, and Lance Dunbar.

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