Check Out This Still Of Lady Gaga From The First Episode Of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

The first photo of Lady Gaga in full costume from the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel has been revealed by the anthology series co-creator Ryan Murphy. Late Friday night, Murphy tweeted the photo of Lady Gaga and wrote, “The Countess is bringing back The Turban in a major way.”

The Countess is bringing back The Turban in a major way.

— Ryan Murphy (@MrRPMurphy) August 29, 2015

Is Lady Gaga hiding something in her turban? Why is Lady Gaga wearing the turban? As fans of the show know, everything on the show is a mystery to be questioned. Anything can happen, and no doubt there is a creepy reason for Lady Gaga’s turban.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the plot of American Horror Story: Hotel revolves around Lady Gaga’s Countess acquiring the hotel with its many secret rooms and the love triangle she becomes involved in. The maze-like hotel was built in 1930 by James March (Evan Peters) to hide his “murderous activities.”

The show takes place in the present day. Lady Gaga’s character is the socialite who acquires the hotel and stays young from drinking human blood. While it sounds like Gaga will be playing a vampire, Ryan Murphy doesn’t like to refer to it that way.

“I prefer the term ‘ancient blood virus,'” Murphy said. “It’s not vampires. It’s really a form of hemophilia, in a way.”

Don’t expect Lady Gaga to dress up like a vampire, either. Murphy added there won’t be any “capes and fangs.”

Business Standard reports Lady Gaga’s character has a “nefarious” plan that will be revealed in the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel. Gaga is also said to be the mother of ten identical vampires with each of them being 8 years old, reports Us Weekly.

“Her character is the hotel owner and the mother of 10 identical vampires who are 8 years old,” a show insider told Us Weekly. “They’re played by children and are very creepy!”

The Countess also becomes involved in a love triangle with Donovan (Matt Bomer) and Tristan (Finn Wittrock) and has a romantic past with Ramona (Angela Bassett). According to Hollywood Life, Ramona and Donovan will team up to exact revenge on Gaga’s Countess. What happened to cause them to seek revenge?

It isn’t any secret Lady Gaga is thrilled to be starring on the show. Entertainment Weekly reports Gaga threw a pool party at her Los Angeles home after her first week of shooting and had her pool dyed blood red in a nod to her character.

After the pool party, Ryan Murphy said about Lady Gaga, “What you want her to be is who she is which is a really rare quality in a star.”

Catch Lady Gaga starring as the Countess beginning October 7 when the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, “Checking In,” airs. Are you looking forward to Lady Gaga’s performance?

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