2 Chainz: What He Wants For His Birthday Is Unbelievably Shocking

2 Chainz is one artist who has had to work for a significant period of time trying to make it in the entertainment industry before finally making a breakthrough. According to Hot New Hip-hop, 2 Chainz spent more than a decade striving to make a name for himself and in 2012, he was able to achieve this, consequently becoming one of the most sought after hip-hop artists in the world.

Having been involved in dozens of collaborations with reputable artists such as Lil Wayne, Juicy J, Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, and Kanye West, 2 Chainz has managed to stay relevant over the years.

However, 2 Chainz has also had more than a few altercations with the authorities and last year, he was found to be in possession of a controlled substance. This is according to Rolling Stone, which cites a felony complaint at the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. According to the documents, 2 Chainz was charged with carrying codein, which is the key component in the creation of sizzurp, a concoction that is said to cause euphoria.

The papers allege that at the time of arrest, 2 Chainz had in his possession promethazine and marijuana.

2 Chainz had in 2013 suggested that he was being targeted by the police due to an increased number of run-ins with them. This is according to HipHop DX.

The following was 2 Chainz's statement.

"I never said I don't smoke or nothing like that, but most of the time when we do things like that it's not like we're actually riding, going… For us, you get pulled over 30 minutes from the venue, 10 minutes away from the venue and it's just always something..."
Most recently, a woman named Christine Chisholm decided to sue the artist for a reported $5 million following a video posted of her backstage with the rapper and his crew. She was apparently invited backstage by Cap 1, one of 2 Chainz's associates and while there, she was recorded hanging out with his team without her consent. She was later shocked to find the video of her online and on numerous blogs.

That said, on Friday, 2 Chainz posted a tweet on Twitter saying he wished for a Glock (handgun) with its kit for his birthday. The following is the post.

Tity Boi (2 Chainz) ‏@2chainz Aug 28All I want for my birthday... is a glock with the kit....
[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for DirecTV]