Erik And Lyle Menendez: Reelz' 'Murder Made Me Famous' Airs Shocking Case Of Ruthless Brothers Who Killed Their Rich Beverly Hills Parents

The case of Erik and Lyle Menendez and the murder of their parents will be chronicled tonight in a new episode of Murder Made Me Famous on Reelz. José and Kitty Menendez were shot and killed in their Beverly Hills, California, home in 1989. Their sons Erik (sometimes spelled Eric) and Lyle Menendez were arrested for first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder and sentenced to life in prison in the mid-1990s. Today, both brothers, now in their mid-to-late forties, are still serving life sentences. While incarcerated, both Erik and Lyle Menendez have married, though they do not receive prison conjugal visits in the state of California, according to People.

The case of the Menendez brothers made national news headlines when it was revealed that two prominent members of Beverly Hills society were shot and killed in their own home. In the beginning there was no evidence that linked the brothers to the crime but many people suspected that the Menendez brothers had something to do with it. Court documents indicate that José Menendez was shot in the back of the head. After hearing the gunshots, his wife Kitty leapt from the couch and tried to escape but was also shot and killed. Kitty Menendez' injuries were so severe that her face was unrecognizable, according to the New York Times.

In the weeks and months after their deaths, the Menendez brothers went on a lavish spending spree, buying high-end jewelry, expensive cars, and paying for expensive lessons. Instead of grieving, the Menendez brothers lived it up and never acted as though they truly missed their parents. Eventually, one of the brothers confessed to the murders, leading to their arrest and ultimate conviction. Prosecutors say the boys killed their parents for the money. Lyle and Erik denied this fact, stating that they killed them because they were being molested by their father.

Inquisitr has been following Reelz' Murder Made Me Famous since it premiered two weeks ago. The first case profiled involved the case of Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias -- followed by the Laci and Scott Peterson case. Next week, Reelz viewers can expect another exciting episode involving a crime that made news headlines around the world.

Since their incarceration all those years ago, the Menendez brothers continue to make news headlines. There have been countless documentaries that have featured and analyzed the case. The 1994 CBS movie Menendez: A Killing In Beverly Hills starring Edward James Olmos, and Beverly D'Angelo, and the 1994 Fox movie entitled Honor Thy Father And Mother: The Menendez Murders. Both of these movies were later shown on the Lifetime Television channel. The Menendez murders have also been the subjects of TV shows, as well as many true crime books.

Don't miss tonight's shocking episode of the Menendez brothers on Murder Made Me Famous tonight at 10/9 central on Reelz.

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