Holistic Doctor Murdered: Husband's Two Friends Arrested For Brutal Hammer Attack, One Nicknamed 'Hammer' On Facebook

Police have made two arrests in relation to the death of popular holistic doctor Teresa Sievers who was reportedly bludgeoned to death by a hammer in her Florida home. Two men, both from Missouri, were arrested and charged with second degree murder as police are calling the arrests "a big deal." It was noted that the pair were both friends with the doctor's husband Mark Sievers and that one of the suspects went by the name "hammer" on Facebook. The suspect also bragged that the hammer was his "favorite weapon" to neighbors and bragged about the murder to his girlfriend.

Jimmy Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright, both from Missouri, were taken into custody and have been charged for the murder of Teresa Sievers. The Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott says the charges are currently listed as second degree murder but the case is still ongoing. Both men were friends of the holistic doctor's husband Mark. In fact, Mark was so close with Wright that the pair were listed as "brothers" on Facebook.

The Daily Mail reports that police were called to the home of Teresa Sievers after she failed to show up to work at her holistic clinic and neighbors reported hearing shouts and screams coming from the home. Police entered the home and found Dr. Sievers murdered by what many reports indicate as a brutal hammer attack. As police searched for leads in Florida, NBC 2 reports that at least one of the suspects was back in Missouri bragging about the murder to neighbors and his girlfriend. A family member of Wright's girlfriend says that the suspect confessed to the murder.

"Evidently quite a bit of evidence. He brought it all here and threw it away and told Taylor where it was. I think they found the bloody jumpsuit he wore," said Cathy Gaston, a family member.

Neighbors note that Wright claimed to be a "hit man" and that his "favorite weapon" was a hammer. The man loved hammers so much that he went by the nickname "Hammer" on social media. According to Teresa Siever's sister, Wright was Mark Siever's best friend during childhood. However, the sister notes that she never met Wright until after her sister's horrifying death. Additionally, it was noted that Siever and Rodgers were also friends on Facebook.

Though police have not disclosed to the public the details of the murder, neighbors say that a hammer was mentioned and that the doctor was allegedly bludgeoned to death by the tool. Numerous reports say they have reached out to Mark Sievers for comment on the latest developments in his wife's murder case. However, Mark reportedly has "no comment" on the arrests.

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