Shweekend 2015: Full Schedule And Where To Stream Shark Weekend Episodes

Discovery's Shark Week has returned once again, taking over the network for a weekend-long second installment known as Shweekend that is making its debut this year.

The first ever Shweekend kicks off on Saturday at 9 p.m. with the Mythbusters taking on Jaws for a second time, as the Wrap reports. Just an hour later, Shark Alley: Legend of Dynamite takes viewers into a day in the life of a juvenile great white shark, examining the predators as they swim off Dyer Island in South Africa.

An early clip from Legend of Dynamite has been released online, and it depicts the young white shark chasing after a pair of cape fur seals. Examining the seals' unique defensive abilities, the footage shows the two animals (named Rob and Slick) as they outpace Dynamite, easily outrunning the young predator. Great whites often hunt seals from below, striking them in a breach attack in order to catch the prey animals unaware, undermining the often superior speed that helps to protect them from the sharks.

The third new program to be featured in Shweekend 2015 kicks off on Sunday evening at 9 p.m. Air Jaws is now in its seventh installment, having long ago become one of the most iconic Shark Week programs. This year's version, Air Jaws: Walking With Great Whites, follows natural history producer Jeff Kurr, shark photographer Chris Fallows, and shark diver Dickie Chivell as they descend in several specialized underwater craft to face the great whites in their home environment. Chivell's chosen mission is to film a great white shark breach both from above and below, and according to Discovery, the team's efforts pay off with one of the most stunning pieces of footage in Shark Week (and now Shweekend) history.In addition to the three new episodes, Discovery will be rerunning a number of Shark Week 2015 specials as well over the weekend. Fans who prefer to watch on their own schedule will find that they have several ways of accessing the Shweekend episodes, as a number of pay-to-watch options exist, all linked at the Discovery website. Though Discovery has yet to establish their own streaming network, their website also features a variety of livestreams which compliment the network's on-air shark content.

When Shark Week aired earlier this year, the 2015 incarnation became the highest rated in the event's history. It has now been airing for 28 years, and the addition of Shweekend has given Shark Week fans one more iteration to look forward to each year.

[Image: Hein waschefort - Own Work via Wikimedia Commons | CC BY-SA 3.0]