Junior Seau Home Burglary Results In Bicycle Theft

While hundreds of people gathered at Junior Seau’s home to pay tribute to the fallen football player, someone crawled through the doogie-door in the garage and stole a bicycle.

Terra Ramirez, one of Seau’s neighbors, told WHDH:

“I just think it’s horrible someone would even break in to someone’s house after a tragedy like that.”

Sean Bailey told 10News:

“It’s just pretty sick and disgusting, actually.”

The memorial at Seau’s home was expected to continue for a few more days but Oceanside City Workers cleaned up the house on Tuesday night. News 10 reports that movers worked on Tuesday to remove Seau’s belongings from his home. Seau’s to children were also at the home carrying possessions out to an SUV.

Police have not made any arrests regarding the bike theft.

Junior Seau, a former NFL player with the San Diego Chargers, committed suicide earlier this month. Seau’s death re-started the conversation about the dangers of football and the side effects of multiple concussions. Seau’s brain has been donated to science.