Josh Duggar Shouldn’t Be Married And Isn’t Addicted To Pornography, According To Bill Maher

Josh Duggar recently checked into a Christian rehab center for an undisclosed problem that's likely related to his admission that he's addicted to internet pornography and has cheated on his wife. However, Bill Maher doesn't think that Duggar needs to spend the next few months trying to pray his sex drive away.

According to the Daily Beast, Bill Maher recently shared his own diagnosis of Josh Duggar, and, if Maher is correct, no amount of rehab is going to rid the former 19 Kids and Counting star of his "addiction."

"Oh Josh, dude, you're just horny," Maher said during a Real Time segment about sex. He also said that he believes Josh would be better off if he wasn't married to his wife of seven years, Anna Duggar. If Josh were single, he could sleep with whomever he wants as often as he wants without worrying about how it's going to affect his family. However, Josh can't go back in time and undo his marriage and the birth of his four kids, so Anna is stuck with a guy whose sex drive she obviously can't satisfy.

"Josh Duggar, like lots of people, just wasn't cut out to be married. Isn't it a bit weird that in a country which now celebrates every alternative gender and sexual choice, we're still judging and micromanaging straight sex?"

Bill Maher also found a way to link Josh Duggar's sex scandal to the new female libido drug Addy, which has been dubbed the "female Viagra." However, he didn't make a joke about how Anna Duggar needs to take it to keep up with her husband -- instead he pointed out that religious groups and the creators of Addy are both guilty of sex drive shaming.

"I know what you're asking: 'Bill, what could a female sex pill possibly have in common with religion?' Well, both try to tell you that your sexual urges as you feel them are just not right and need adjustment."
Maher went on to point out that Addy is wrong because it's not "making women able to have sex -- it's to make them want to." He contended that ultra-conservative Christians like the Duggars are wrong for the opposite reason -- they teach people that it's not right to act on sexual urges unless it's for the purpose of procreation. According to Salon, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are also against birth control because they believe that it causes abortion. This means that couples who follow the Duggars' teachings have to abstain from sex if they're not prepared to add another child to their family. According to PEOPLE, the Duggars are also against sex before marriage and having sex with more than one partner. The family is so strict that Jill and Jessa Duggar didn't kiss their husbands until their wedding days.

Josh and Anna Duggar were both raised to think this way, and it's possible that their beliefs contributed to Josh's sex woes -- maybe he created an Ashley Madison account because he just wanted to have sex that wasn't going to produce another mouth to feed. However, when he confessed to cheating on his wife, he didn't say anything about how his religious upbringing could have contributed to his problem. Instead, he blamed his actions on an addiction to pornography.

"I have been the biggest hypocrite ever," he wrote in a statement that was released on the Duggar Family website. "While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife."

It's possible that Josh might actually be suffering from an addiction to pornography, but it's also possible that the Duggars think that viewing any amount of pornography is an addiction that needs to be treated. Slate writer Amanda Marcotte points out that some Christians see "all 'lust' for people not your spouse as sinful and even adulterous."

"There are certainly men out there who use porn so much it interferes with the rest of their life, which means they need help. But these Christian 'porn addicts' mostly seem like perfectly normal men who, like most people, need a bit of a private fantasy life."
Josh is trying to change his sinning ways by giving himself a big ol' dose of the very thing Maher believes his problems were caused by in the first place: more religion. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Josh recently checked in to the Reformers Unanimous rehab center in Rockford, Illinois. It's a program that includes lots of " target="_blank">praying and Bible study, and it looks like Josh won't be getting any counseling from a licensed therapist.

If Josh Duggar isn't actually suffering from an addiction to pornography, maybe he would benefit more from marriage counseling than he would from a stint in rehab Bible school.

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