The Strange Trailer For Kristen Wiig's New Movie Has People Talking

Kristen Wiig is taking a short break from her typical comedic roles to star in some more dramatic films lately including The Diary of a Teenage Girl and Welcome to Me. Wiig appears to be continuing the trend in an indie movie that is seemingly more sinister than her usual. Don't worry though, Kristen isn't abandoning her comical ways. The comedies Ghostbusters and Masterminds will also be featuring Wiig.

The Chilean-American film, Nasty Baby, is written and directed by Sebastián Silva, who also stars alongside Kristen Wiig. Nasty Baby premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Entertainment Weekly reports that Thursday marked the release of the international trailer and things appear to be a little off in this indie flick. The film seems innocent enough in the beginning but the mood soon turns dark.

The trailer starts off a little quirky when Silva explains that he is trying to have a baby with his best friend, who is played by Wiig. Things become complicated with the planned pregnancy as Kristen and her friend face fertility issues.

Alia Shawkat shows up and is apparently a friend of Wiig and her baby daddy. She confronts the three on their baby-making plans. The mood is still silly with Wiig and Silva saying how "trendy" they will be with the baby.

This is when it gets a little confusing. Tunde Adebimpe plays Silva's boyfriend who seems to go back and forth about whether or not he wants to father the child that Wiig is meant to carry. He confronts Kristen and his boyfriend.

"I can't do it. It's my life too. It affects my life too."
Enter the neighborhood leaf blower, played by Reg E. Cathey, who apparently happens to be homophobic. Silva's character tears the leaf blower from Cathey's hands and we can only assume that's where the trouble begins. Cathey, known as The Bishop in the movie, starts causing problems for Kristen and her friends.

Things get violent after Cathey attacks Wiig and, near the end of the trailer, it looks like Silva's character strikes a fatal blow to The Bishop.

Nasty Baby won an award for Best Feature Film at the Berlin International Film Festival and was nominated for Best American Feature Film at the Champs-Élysées Film Festival.

You can see Kristen Wiig in Nasty Baby in U.S. theaters October 23, or wait for it to be released on video on demand October 30.

[Photo Courtesy of Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]