A 3-Year-Old Boy Gets An Avocado As A Birthday Present — His Sweet Reaction Goes Viral On Vine [Video]

It’s not every day in the sometimes entitlement-driven world that kindness upon receiving bad gifts are witnessed. But that’s exactly what happened when a 3-year-old boy from New England named Henry got an avocado as a birthday present. The avocado was wrapped in gift paper just like a normal gift, and unlike the kids shown on Jimmy Kimmel’s show that sometimes throw a tantrum when they receive “sucky” gifts, little Henry says “Thanks!” sweetly and puts the avocado to the side.

While it’s pretty impressive to see that 3-year-old knows what an avocado is, it’s also impressive that his acting skills and manners are up to par. And that was the lesson that Henry’s parents wanted to give the little tyke, about appreciating the gifts that are given in life, no matter how small those gifts might be.

As reported by the New York Daily News, the Vine video was posted by Jeff Simmons 22 days ago, but is just now going viral in a big way. Simmons is the uncle of Henry, and perhaps it’s due to his description of Henry’s acting skills that helped the video go viral.

“It’s an avocado! … Thanks!”

Indeed, Simmons might not have predicted that his short video of the reaction of his nephew to an avocado as a gift would’ve garnered more than 300,000 likes and greater than 162,000 re-vines, which means folks have reposted the video to their own Vine account. The 12,200 comments on the avocado video thus far also prove its popularity.

When you are really good at pretending to like your birthday gifts.. #funny #toddler #cutebaby #baby #comedy #cute

The entire video that served to prove a lesson in manners — not just to Henry but to all who watch it — was filmed several days prior to Henry’s birthday. Jeffrey’s sister Victoria is Henry’s mother, a woman who says that her son is intuitive enough to already enjoy empathetic traits that allow him to become sensitive to others’ feelings and the part he plays therein.

“It was the first time he could open gifts and recognize on his own what they were. We were concerned he would open the gifts and be really honest like he usually is.”

Although Victoria knew that Henry wasn’t as overjoyed by the avocado as a gift — one of the items that she and her brother had wrapped from around the house — she was proud that Henry didn’t act rudely upon receiving the avocado, along with an oven mitt and K cups.

[Image via Vine]