Is Nick Peterson Moving In With Samantha Steffen? 'Paradise' Star Dishes On Move To California

Did Nick Peterson find love with Samantha Steffen on Bachelor in Paradise? With the season finale just one week away, there is speculation that the hunky personal trainer who won $250,000 on Bachelor Pad will leave Paradise a winner. If spoilers are correct, he will once again keep, not share, his prize.

Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Nick will finally get a date with Samantha Steffen on Week 5. Last week, she broke up with Joe Bailey and accepted a date with newcomer Justin Reich, but apparently she goes back on her promise and starts spending time with Nick.

During Nick's most recent Periscope broadcast (@NickPeterson) the 30-year-old Tampa resident chatted with his followers about his late-night meal (eggs and chicken), his dog Mowgli, and had kind words to say about his co-stars on Bachelor in Paradise. Although he didn't give away the ending of the show, he did drop a big hint about what his plans are once the Bachelor in Paradise finale airs.

When a fan asked Nick what he did with his Bachelor Pad winnings, he stated that he invested the money and is now looking to open an Orange Theory Fitness franchise with a partner. Peterson recently told GQ Magazine that his appearance on three ABC reality shows has helped him gain clients in his current personal training business, so his plans to invest in a fitness franchise is not surprising.

However, when he revealed on Periscope that he was looking to open the franchise in Sausalito, California, fans started gossiping — California is where his love-interest Samantha Steffen lives.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Samantha lives in Los Angeles, California, and is the co-founder of the Hollywood-based streetwear clothing line IDGAF. Although it is about a six hour drive from L.A. to Sausalito, Nick — who currently lives in Tampa, Florida — would be a lot closer to Samantha than he is now.

Perhaps his move to California is the start of not just a business, but a long-term relationship. According to Reality Steve Nick and Samantha leave Paradise as a couple and two months after filming wrapped, they are still in a relationship.

Find out if the spoilers are true when the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise airs on September 7 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image: Samantha Steffen/Instagram, Nick Peterson/Instagram]