'Arrow' Season 4 Trailer And Kim Kardashian's Butt Will Soon Have Something In Common, An Executive Producer Explains

Arrow season 4 is a little over a month away, and Green Arrow and DC Comics fans already seem to have just about all the news they can handle, without flat-out being told each episode word-for-word. There is Olicity, Damien Darhk, Constantine's appearance, Sara Lance's resurrection, Arrow/The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow crossovers, Diggle's potential costume, so what else is there to shock fans before October 7? The Arrow season 4 trailer of course.

Arrow producers Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle had a not-so-private discussion on Twitter about the upcoming Arrow season 4 trailer.

"@MericlesHappen and I just watched the rough cut of the Arrow Season 4 trailer. Oh boy..."
Naturally, Arrow producer Wendy Mericle responded, but her response was much more of a tease, and certainly grabbed Arrow fans' attention.
"Pretty sure this trailer is going to break the internet"
So, the Arrow season 4 trailer and Kim Kardashian connection? Since Kardashian broke the internet with her behind, and the Arrow season 4 trailer supposedly will do the same, but without nudity. There is a big similarity there. Mericle has dropped a lot of information in past for Arrow fans, and Constantine fans alike. The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that Arrow producer Wendy Mericle detailed the John Constantine/Sara Lance connection, which explained why Constantine was headed to Star(ling) City.

Mericle gave us the low-down on Constantine will be called upon on Arrow season 4, episode 5 "Haunted" to bring his bag of magic and mysticism to Oliver Queen's city to resurrect Sara Lance. Although, no information as to why she is being brought back has been announced.

The big question is obviously, just what does the Arrow season 4 trailer hold that would break the internet? Comicbook has suggested that maybe the trouble that will bring (Green) Arrow back to Star(ling) City will be revealed in the tease. Another more likely suggestion is that Matt Ryan will appear as Constantine in the season 4 trailer, which would certainly set Twitter ablaze, as the #Constantine army is eagerly awaiting any sign of John Constantine since NBC canceled his solo outing early this summer.

So, which is it? It could be both, but Mericle nor Guggenheim are spilling the secrets, just simply riling the fans up.

Arrow season 4 is merely a month away, so the trailer is likely to hit any day now. Keep your eyes peeled Arrow, Constantine, Olicity fans, and also maybe, it might be a good time to call your internet service provider and upgrade your internet. Especially if the trailer is as good as predicted.

What are your thoughts? Has this made you more or less excited? Is this just a big tease, or will it break the internet as suggested? Leave your thoughts and opinions below.

[Image Via CW Screenshot]