Personal Fitness Trainer Says She Was Kicked Out Of A Coffee Shop Over Her Sports Bra

A fitness trainer says she was kicked out of a local coffee shop over her attire. The woman, Davina Ward, claims that Costa Coffee Shop employees told her she must "cover up" or leave. The personal trainer says that she had just left a gym session and was wearing leggings and a sport's bra when she stopped by to get a coffee. Ward notes that the coffee shop had no problem taking her money and providing her with her coffee while she was in the fitness wear, but when she tried to take a seat in the shop she was told her attire was not acceptable.

Fox29 reports that fitness trainer Davina Ward took to social media to express her outrage over the company's behavior. Ward notes that she has never had never been kicked out of a coffee shop for her attire before and that she practically lives in gym clothes due to the nature of her job. Ward was fuming over her treatment and noted that she wasn't necessarily mad about them asking her to leave, but rather the fact that they allowed her to purchase the drink and embarrassed her after she had already sat down at a table.

"It wasn't the fact they asked me to leave but the woman that served me was the one that asked me to leave. I've never been so angry in my life. I'm absolutely fuming. Why would they let me sit down and then embarrass me by telling me to leave?"
According to the Independent, Ward also noted that the employee informed her that putting on more clothes was "common sense" before asking her to leave the establishment. After leaving Costa Coffee Shop, Ward took to Twitter to let all of her followers know about her treatment.The fitness guru later informed her followers that she would now be frequently Starbucks who has no problem with her gym attire.Following Ward's outrage, another area provider of coffee, Oakman Inns, offered to provide anyone in a sport's bra free coffee at their area locations.What do you think of the coffee shop sport's bra scandal? Does Davina Ward have valid reason for being upset over the incident?

[Image Credit: Twitter/ Devina Ward]