Boston Celtics Rumors: Markieff Morris May Be Headed To The Celtics

According to Kevin Pelton of ESPN, the Boston Celtics could be a potential landing spot for a player begging to be traded.

The Boston Celtics make a lot of sense as a destination for Markeiff Morris of the Phoenix Suns. Morris has been upset with the Suns since they traded his brother, Marcus, to the Detroit Pistons. Last summer, the Suns signed the Morris brothers to a contract extension. Markieff's is worth $32 million over four years, a good price for a player with his talent and athleticism. Also, since the salary cap will be rising in the next few years, that contract is an absolute bargain for the Boston Celtics.

Pelton provides additional insight.

"[The Boston Celtics] can offer Phoenix a replacement big man on a rookie contract -- most likely Sullinger, who's fallen out of favor in Boston, though Kelly Olynyk or even Tyler Zeller would work, too -- and sweeten the deal with their war chest of draft picks if necessary. The Celtics get the certainty of Morris' extension as opposed to the unknown of what Sullinger's next deal might look like."

"The biggest obstacle to a trade with Boston is salary. Sullinger is making just $2.6 million in the final season of his rookie deal, meaning the Celtics would have to aggregate three players to make a deal work. It's unclear whether Boston is willing to give up on Young -- a first-round pick just 14 months ago -- so soon. If the Celtics were really planning to make a deal for Morris, they almost certainly would have held on to Zoran Dragic, who could have been the third player needed to make the salaries work."

Pelton suggests that the Boston Celtics send Jared Sullinger, Perry Jones, and James Young to the Suns in exchange for Morris. Everyone would win with this deal -- the Boston Celtics get Morris, the Phoenix Suns get a few talented players, and Morris goes to a playoff contender.

Pro Basketball Talk reported that Morris' preferred destinations were Houston, because of his relationship with James Harden, or Toronto, because of his relationship with Kyle Lowry, but Morris added he just wanted to be away from Phoenix. However, both of those teams have solid forwards and centers, which would cut into Markieff Morris' playing time. The Boston Celtics, however, do not currently have a set center and power forward.

The Boston Celtics seem like the ideal landing spot for Markieff Morris. The Boston Celtics are a playoff team, Morris would get a good amount of playing time, and the Boston Celtics are not the Phoenix Suns.

Do you think the Boston Celtics will make a transaction in order to acquire Markieff Morris? If not, what other moves do you see the Boston Celtics making before the NBA season begins in October? Finally, how do you think the Boston Celtics will fare this season after being knocked out in the first round of the playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers last season?

[Image Source: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]