Stevie J And Joseline Get Their Own VH1 Spin-Off Show, Celebrated With #TheJordansTakeLA Instagram Tag

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One of the breakout couples of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta has been the duo known as Stevie “J” Jordan and Joseline Hernandez, his alleged wife, although controversy over whether the two are actually married continues. Joseline is the “Puerto Rican Princess” of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta fame that can be seen in mugshot photos that could peg Joseline as a nearly 40-year-old. Joseline know for always calling others on the show “old,” and is the one that talked about “fishes and fat people” having nothing to do with her court case.

Well, it’s those kinds of antics that have won Stevie J and Joseline their own show. Instead of facing up to two years in prison, Stevie J is headed to Hollywood. VH1 has ordered episodes of Stevie J and Joseline’s spin-off, reports Eurweb – ‎along with the fact that Joseline is pubbing the #TheJordansTakeLA hashtag.

In previous episodes of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, Stevie has been shown taking meetings in Los Angeles with Joseline with talks of new music, movies, and more. Perhaps the new show will reflect that journey — as well as whether or not Mimi Faust made the decision to join the duo in their move westward.

As reported by Variety, the new spin-off might be called Stevie & Joseline Take L.A., and because Stevie’s last name is Jordan, #thejordanstakela hashtag is fitting. On Instagram, more than 400 posts have already used that hashtag thus far, well before the show airs.

Amazingly, Joseline’s Instagram account shows a photo of her making up with Mimi. Notably, the duo has had a horrible relationship ever since Stevie J was shown on the show as breaking up with Mimi after 15 years together in order to be with Joseline.

The most recent part one reunion episode of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta showed a surprise on the way between Mimi and Joseline and Stevie J, with Faust taking the stage as Joseline and Stevie performed the “Stingy with my Kutty Kat” song. The crowd seemed floored by Mimi seeming to make amends with the duo. And according to Internet scuttlebutt, the trio had an encounter that made them more than friends.

As Faust admitted on the reunion show’s part one episode, she and Stevie had invited others into their bed when Mimi was with Stevie — although Faust admitted that she’s not into girls as much as Joseline says she is herself. Joseline has admitted to inviting others into bed with her and Stevie.

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