PlayStation 4 ‘Until Dawn’: Some Of The Most Gruesome Scenes Censored

PlayStation 4 'Until Dawn' Some Of The Most Gruesome Scenes Censored

At the age of rampant violence in gaming and films, PlayStation 4 game Until Dawn is the latest to fall prey to the claws of game censorship.

In all new games coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, violence and other censor-worthy material like sex, gore, horror, and explicit language are not rare. In actuality, the games who rake the most money and fans are those which are laden with these censor-worthy themes. Case in point: Grand Theft Auto V and Mortal Kombat X. No one is saying that the gaming industry should already be numb to violence and explicit material but it’s always disappointing for PlayStation and Xbox fans when games like Until Dawn become a victim of censorship.

VG 24/7 reports that it recently came to gamers’ attention that PlayStation 4 users in Japan will not be able to fully appreciate the entirety of PlayStation 4 game Until Dawn since Japan’s censoring hand is closing down on the franchise.

Until Dawn is just coming out with reviews from PlayStation 4 gamers who have just got their hands on the game and a lot are commending the attack of Until Dawn in its storyline and gameplay. Until Dawn is a horror fan’s dream come true.

Until Dawn for PS4

As Until Dawn released in the U.S., Japanese gamers on the PlayStation 4 platform also got their hands on the game as well. But reports are pouring in that the PlayStation 4 gamers at Japan were not able to experience the same Until Dawn experience as those who got in on the other parts of the globe. Kotaku reports that Japan has removed the most gruesome and unpleasant parts of Until Dawn for PlayStation 4 and it has affected Until Dawn‘s gameplay experience.

Japan has a history of censoring games which are too heavy on sex and violence. Just recently, according to VG 24/7, Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, The Order: 1886, and The Evil Within had major parts of the game censored in Japan. With Until Dawn for PlayStation 4, Japan did not alter the gaming experience to navigate around the gruesomeness of the scenes. They just took down the gruesome scenes in Until Dawn and replaced it with a black screen. So if you’re in Japan and you’re playing Until Dawn in PlayStation 4, and you notice that there’s a random black scene in the middle of your game, that’s not a glitch.

YouTube channel Censored Gaming has been publishing censored games in their account and Until Dawn did not escape their attention. They posted a video comparing the western and Japanese versions of Until Dawn for PlayStation 4.

While it’s commendable for Japan to take an aggressive step in toning down violence and sex in video games, PlayStation 4 gamers who were looking forward to Until Dawn were disappointed that a different version of Until Dawn landed on their shores.

Which upcoming PlayStation 4 or Xbox One game do you think will get censored next in Japan?

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