Virginia Shooting Video: Third Camera, Conspiracy Theories, And Complaints About Graphic Video Autoplay Abound [Videos]

The graphic Virginia shooting video will live on, thanks to Bryce Williams recording himself conducting the horrific shooting and uploading the video to Facebook immediately afterward. Although only existing on social media for about 10 minutes prior to the Virginia shooting video being pulled from Twitter and Facebook, that was more than enough time for Internet experts to download the video and upload it elsewhere. And not only did those who search Google in droves watch the Virginia shooting video — including the WDBJ version and Bryce’s POV video — but even those who didn’t want to see the video saw it due to the autoplay video feature on Twitter, reports BBC.

According to the publication, not only did those who happened to catch the live local broadcast unexpectedly see part of the Virginia shooting video, but thousands of others saw the shooting and killing of the two journalists due to the “autoplay” feature on Facebook and Twitter that automatically plays videos. The shooting of Alison Parker and Adam Ward wasn’t a video that certain people wanted to see via those autoplay videos, because approximately 17,000 tweets that contained “autoplay” in the tweets came into Twitter within 24 hours after the shooting.

Meanwhile, another video on YouTube that was downloaded from Bryce’s version of the horrific shooting is making the rounds. Thankfully, the below version doesn’t show the actual shooting of the three people in Virginia — but it takes the moments on a frame by frame basis to see that Williams first panned upward to display what looks like a security camera above his head prior to the shooting. The YouTube video creator wonders aloud what happened to that security footage.

Vicki Gardner survived the Virginia shooting, reports ABC News, by ducking and being grateful that Bryce’s gun jammed — unfortunately not prior to Alison and Adam losing their lives. And despite reports in the following viral video stating that it appeared Vicki would’ve seen Bryce walking towards the trio during their live stand-up interview, the injured woman says she did not see gunman before he fired, reports The Guardian.

According to Gardner’s husband, Vicki dove, got shot and played dead.

“And then when she dove down and got shot, he stopped shooting and took off. But she wasn’t sure he was gone so she just laid there playing possum until first responders showed up.”

Flanagan’s 17 shots from his Glock pistol aren’t shown in the following YouTube video, but it does examine the footage prior to the shooting, claiming Vicki must’ve seen the gunman on approach, because Bryce was in her line of sight. It also theorizes that Bryce called Alison a bad name and shows what the YouTuber believes was Alison making eye contact with Williams. Other reporters, however, have described how — when conducting an interview — everything fades into the background as journalists try to focus on their interview subjects and nothing more.

Warning: The following video doesn’t show the shooting, but still may be disturbing to some viewers.

[Image via YouTube]