Charlie Sheen Will No Longer Need 'Anger Management,' And Why That May Be A Bad Thing For American Politics

Charlie Sheen can be summed up in four words: angriest man in show-business.

So it was no surprise when after his much-publicised exit from Two and A Half Men, Charlie Sheen decided the time was right for him to tackle his anger management issues head-on with a show titled, well, Anger Management. It seemed the right move at the time too, with a record 5.74 million people tuning in for its premiere in June 2012. But two seasons and 100 episodes later, Anger Management ended last December, with Charlie Sheen unable to create the kind of magic that his fans expected of him.

Why? Well, we can think of a number of reasons.

First, Charlie Sheen himself admitted to not paying much attention to work after his infamous departure from Two and A Half Men. According to several reports that emerged immediately after he was fired, Sheen was just too erratic in his behavior, and the actor confessed to "having too much fun" and "spilling parties onto the set." Not only did this stand Charlie Sheen in a bad stead with show creator Chuck Lorre, Charlie's anger issues meant there was no subsequent dialogue possible with him, an accusation the actor has denied in later interviews.

The second and the more important reason is that fans never took to Anger Management after the initial excitement fizzled out. The show, based on Adam Sandler's 2003 movie of the same name, was about a retired minor league baseball player who now specializes in anger management. What could have been an intelligent sitcom self-referencing Charlie Sheen's anger management issues, steadily morphed into a tiresome rendezvous with thinly carved-out characters. Having said that, Charlie Sheen still managed to keep up the ratings by the sheer strength of his enormous following.

But then Charlie Sheen inevitably got into his tantrum-throwing mode, which ended in his co-star Selma Blair being asked to leave the show, according to E! Online. That was perhaps the last nail in the coffin, and after Charlie Sheen had promised to get back to the top after his departure from Two and A Half Men, the tepid reception and eventual collapse of Anger Management didn't do much in way to prove that the actor still had a fight left inside of him.

But then, it is Charlie Sheen we are talking about, and you could only dismiss him at your own peril. Despite the fact that Anger Management did not set the world on fire, it had its fair share of admirers. And now the actor seems to have become interested in politics. Yes, if recent reports are to be believed, Charlie Sheen is setting himself up as the vice-presidential candidate next to Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. elections. According to the The Daily Beast, when Owen Wilson compared Donald Trump to Charlie Sheen for the similarities in their antics, the latter was only too pleased at the comparison.

Now what that tweet and the hashtag #TrumpSheen mean could be anybody's guess, but if the interpretation that Charlie Sheen seems himself as an apt vice-presidential candidate is true, then we can only say that the appointment of a few shrinks for the White House are definitely in order.

[Photo: Michael Buckner / Getty Images]