Prince Charles On Royal Duties: They're 'Nonsensical Rubbish,' Royal Letters Also Reveal 34-Year New Zealand Grudge

Royal letters from Prince Charles have revealed that back in 1981 the heir to the British throne believed that his royal duties were "nonsensical rubbish."

Charles wrote these letters just three months before he married Princess Diana in April 1981, before he then decided to have a dig at some of the children that he'd met during his tour of New Zealand.

"The real problem is keeping up my enthusiasm on each new day because I am beginning to get fed up with the amount of nonsensical rubbish I take all day and every day," Charles wrote, according to the Daily Mail, he then added, "If one more [New Zealand] child asks me what it's like to be a prince I shall go demented."

Prince Charles wrote these letters during his two-week tour through the country between March 31 and April 12, 1981. The letter was written on and dated April 10, however it's not known who he was scribing too.

The letters also revealed that Prince Charles was becoming more and more annoyed with New Zealand, via Stuff, over their constant jokes about him falling off his horse back in 1981.

The letter from Prince Charles, which will be sold at auction next month, details just how much the constant remarks about his fall were beginning to irk him.

While in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1981, Charles wrote, "Kindlless, fallacious remarks and references about falling off horses are beginning to get through to me. It seems as though the main thing they know about me out here! It all increases my determination to make them laugh out the other side of their face one day."

New Zealanders kept on making fun of Prince Charles after he had fallen off his horse during a tour of Australia. Charles was playing in a polo match when in the third period of play, he fell head first off his horse in the Sydney polo invitational. While Charles wasn't seriously injured in the incident, it did take him quite a while to return to his feet.

This was the third time that Charles had fallen from his polo horse in just six weeks, but because it had been caught on camera New Zealanders couldn't help but poke fun at it. Especially since it was so close to his wedding to Princess Diana.

The 34-year-old letter is being sold by Alicia Caroll, who is a U.S. based royal memorabilia collector, and she has asked for $3,900 for it, which can be purchased through her website Everything Royal.

[Photo by Simon Baker-Pool/Getty Images]