Louis Tomlinson’s ‘X Factor’ Hosting Is One Of Many 1D Break Solo Options

Louis Tomlinson fans have been particularly worried about the One Direction 2016 break because he may disappear from the spotlight. While Louis Tomlinson may be keeping a lower celebrity profile while he is dealing with the hard work of being a good dad, the singer will hardly be in the shadows in 2016.

In particular, Louis Tomlinson has already been involved with headlines over the last weeks of August that suggest he will be hosting TV shows and other enticing solo career options.

UnReality TV reported on August 27 that Louis Tomlinson also has an offer from Simon Cowell to pick new bands for Cowell’s record label. On top of that, Louis Tomlinson will be working on his own record label, according to an August 28 report by TV3.

However, one of his strongest solo career leads so far has been hosting televised events. For example, Louis Tomlinson recently teased Niall Horan on social media about joining up with the host of Good Morning Britain. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Louis Tomlinson invited himself to give commentary on upcoming football/soccer derbies/tournaments.

In the end, Louis Tomlinson’s Twitter campaign worked, and he got an open-ended offer from the Good Morning Britain commentator to co-host a to-be-announced upcoming sports event.

Along those lines, Simon Cowell has announced that Louis Tomlinson may be a judge for the X Factor after all.

On August 26, Yahoo Celeb U.K. confirmed that Louis Tomlinson was invited by Simon Cowell to appear on an upcoming episode of the popular X Factor show. Specifically, they stated the following about Louis Tomlinson being a potential judge or host.

“Simon also hinted that he might have some idea of how Louis Tomlinson will be spending his time once the On The Road Again Tour wraps later this year, with the 23-year-old’s spot as X Factor mentor being kept safe as Simon dished: ‘I think Louis might be on one of the shows.'”

As if hosting TV shows, selecting the next hottest bands in the recording industry, and working as an X Factor judge was not enough, there is also a chance that Louis Tomlinson will continue to host charity events.

For instance, Louis Tomlinson took time off of One Direction’s tightly scheduled North American tour to fly back to England and host the annual Cinderella Ball for the Believe in Magic charity.

The Ireland Independent reports on August 11 that, in addition to hosting and promoting the event, Louis Tomlinson donated over 2 million Euros.

[Feature image via Mark Metcalfe/Stringer/Getty Images]