‘Harry Potter’ Comes Alive: New Lipstick Line, HP-Themed Classroom, DIY HP Food

Harry Potter fans rejoice as Harry Potter-themed lipsticks, classroom setups, and do-it-yourself Harry Potter-themed food revive the Harry Potter fandom just in time for the new Harry Potter spinoff film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

For all the beauty and makeup geeks, makeup brand LA Splash cosmetics just recently released a new Harry Potter-themed lipstick collection called Smitten Liptint Mousse. The collection contains 17 different lip colors that are loosely named after known Harry Potter icons and terms.

Some of the pieces from the Harry Potter-themed lipstick collection were: the dark green tint named Nagini, a sky blue tint named Severus with the darker blue named Sirius, dark violet named after Bellatrix, the maroon called Ravens Claw after Hogwarts house Ravenclaw, the plum color named Love Good after Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood, and more.

Harry Potter inspired lipstick by LA Splash cosmetics (LA splash website)
Harry Potter inspired lipstick by LA Splash cosmetics (LA splash website)

However, The Independent writes that when the new Harry Potter-themed lipstick line released this week, a lot of the more hardcore Harry Potter fans were offended since a lot of the shades were very thinly associated with the Harry Potter terms and names they were named after. In response to a Buzzfeed article on the Harry Potter lipstick collection by LA Splash cosmetics, Samantha Miller wrote:

“The colours they used for each one are just no. Bellatrix should have been that deep, deep red she wore. Sirius should have been close to black in colour. The navy for Bellatrix should have been Ravenclaw. It’s just a mess.”

While a lot of Harry Potter inconsistencies could be noted throughout the collection, it’s still a pretty interesting concept for LA Splash cosmetics’ lipstick line, one that Harry Potter fans would surely try out for their own Dementor’s Kiss.

Apparate to Oklahama and Harry Potter fans will find James L. Capps Middle School teacher Stephanie Stephens’ Harry Potter-themed classroom. Inquisitr reports that Stephens decorated her classroom with Harry Potter-inspired paraphernalia and decorations in time for the start of school and it took her 4 days and at least $400 out of her own pocket to pull it off.

From the door which resembled the hidden magical Platform 9 3/4, to the board painted with a lightning scar and round glasses, to the fireplace-looking frame decorated with flying letters, the whole classroom was a Harry Potter world incarnate.

Harry Potter themed classroom (Inquisitr)
Harry Potter themed classroom (Inquisitr)

Stephen’s husband took to Reddit to post photos of her classroom and thousands of people immediately viewed and liked the post.

Stephens told Huffington Post that she wanted to get her students to like reading using Harry Potter.

“One of the toughest things as a reading teacher is instilling a love of reading in students that do not like reading. It got me thinking that if I can get adults to be excited about reading using Harry Potter, I can get my students excited about reading as well!”

And on another hidden nook on the internet, Harry Potter fans will be able to find new food inspiration with a cooking blog dedicated to recreating Harry Potter-themed dishes. Called 36 Eggs, the blog publishes recipes to recreate some of the most iconic food found inside the Harry Potter series.

One of the biggest and most inspiring projects inside 36 Eggs is the Snitch Cake created by Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which they posted to celebrate Harry’s fictional 35th birthday last July. Other Harry Potter food that could be found in the blog are Mrs. Weasley’s Chicken and Ham Pie from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Dudley Dursley’s Knickerbocker Glory from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Kreacher’s Treacle Tart from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Mrs Weasley's Snitch Cake (36 Eggs blog)
Mrs Weasley's Snitch Cake (36 Eggs blog)

According to the two chefs at 36 Eggs, Jenne and Miko, more Harry Potter-inspired food are coming to the blog.

[Image via Stephanie/Flickr]