WWE Rumors: Chris Jericho Talks About His WWE Future, Reveals When He Will Stop Wrestling

Chris Jericho is one of the long-time greats in all of wrestling even though he's hardly in the ring anymore. Still, he has so much going on that he simply wants to live life as much as he can and do many different things. With that, Jericho isn't getting any younger and he's finally decided to talk about his WWE future and reveal when he will retire from wrestling.

Jericho is a very busy man, being the host of Tough Enough, touring with his band Fozzy, and also appearing for WWE at house shows and other non-televised events. He did show up in Tokyo for Beast in the East and is scheduled for the WWE Network special in Madison Square Garden in October as well.

With so much going on and his age going up in years, Jericho was asked by HuffPost Live about when he's going to retire. It looks like he will only retire when he can't go anymore.

"Even now, working the live events, I feel that I'm having the best match of the show, or one of them, and coming out of the ring feeling, 'that was really good.' I'm still doing everything that I ever could, still thinking, still coming up with new ideas and facing new guys that give you extra elements to work with."
Chris Jericho has said that he could certainly retire from the ring whenever he wanted to as he's done virtually everything that anyone could possibly do. The thing is, he's still coming up with new ideas and the crowd is still reacting to him so he's not done yet.

Jericho has been facing a number of the NXT stars that have made their way onto the main roster in the past few months. At Beast in the East, he took on Neville and he's also battled Kevin Owens at some house events.

As Wrestling Inc. pointed out, Jericho did say that he'd love to work with Neville and Owens again, but he would also enjoy facing Finn Balor. Jericho also mentioned working against the likes of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose, but the right storyline needs to be in place.

If the storyline isn't right, Jericho won't be back on WWE television, but he's happy doing house shows.

Chris Jericho has been wrestling for over two decades and he has more going on now than ever before, but he's far from ready to retire. WWE fans will be able to see him for a few more years or at least as long as he feels he can keep going.

[Image via WWE]