Jenna Jameson’s Instagram Explains Weight Gain: From 90 Pounds To Current Weight For ‘Personal Reasons’

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The last time ex-porn star Jenna Jameson was on reality TV, Jameson was noticeably a lot thinner. Jenna looks a lot different now than when she appeared on Couples Therapy, as reported by EW. However, it is Jenna’s weight gain on Celebrity Big Brother, as reported by the Daily Mail, that set tongues wagging online. Now 41, Jameson entered the Celebrity Big Brother house looking like she’d packed more pounds onto her frame, and Jenna didn’t shy away from talking about her weight gain.

However, it appears Jenna is helping others who weigh too little get over eating disorders, just like other Instagram users are doing.


The black dress that hugged Jameson’s curves attracted James Hill, who went straight for Jameson, in spite of the weight gain and everything reports the Daily Mail.‎ Twitter reacted in a variety of ways to the “adorable” flirting. But as for the comments about her weight gain, Jameson clapped back at her fat-shaming haters in a big way.

Jenna revealed she used to weigh 90 pounds, reports E! Online, quoting the description Jameson wrote to accompany a throwback photo of herself.

On the Instagram account titled , which writes “This is the REAL Jenna Jameson,” a special message appeared for those who had anything to say about Jameson’s weight gain.

“Posting this to all you fat shamers… Yes, I gained weight, reasons that are personal… But attacking someone over their weight is really petty, I pride myself in being a well rounded human being… Thick or thin. I remember when I was 90 lbs about 8 years ago bs I went through major attacks from everyone (media, friends, social media) and it felt the same as it feels being called fat or frumpy. It’s easy for me to lose weight, is it as easy for you few haters that attack me online to realize your nasty evil ways?”

Jameson, who was once known as “The Queen of Porn,” is known for her body — so of course more attention would be paid to her figure as it changes over time. With nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram, it appears Jameson isn’t going to sit idly by and let people speak badly about her weight. Jenna didn’t go into the reasons for her weight gain.

Jenna does, however, have a secret game plan for winning the Celebrity Big Brother reality TV show award, and Jameson’s volatile friendship with “that b****” Tila Tequila” is on full display. The former model and stripper has definitely hit the reality TV show with a splash. Folks who criticize Jameson’s weight gain are getting an earful.

[Image via Instagram]