Kate Upton ‘Happy’ To Be Considered A Bombshell

To some, Kate Upton is nothing more than a blond bombshell. And the 21-year old Sports Illustrated model is all right with that.

"It's where I've started and it's what I've accomplished, so I'm happy about it," Upton told Details recently. She's also ready to show people she's got the chops to be so much more.

"I think that people will see that I have a lot more to offer and a lot more to give, but I want to do it right and that's why it's taking me time. I'm patient about it."
Kate confessed the need to meticulously plan out her career when she was first starting out in the fashion business. But as she's grown and matured within the industry, she's learned to just let go.
"Now it's out of my hands—it has kind of been rolling on its own—but at the beginning I was micromanaging every little step. For example, I felt that my agency before wasn't helping me in the direction I wanted to go, so I approached IMG myself. I always had in my mind where I should be at a certain stage."
She also feels that her success has allowed her to reach out to young women everywhere.

"I'm in a position where I have a voice to lead people in the right direction," Kate said when asked about her choices as a model. "I want to show people that there are fashionable clothes out there for affordable prices."

Aside from her career as a fashion model, Upton was also the face of the Game of War Super Bowl ads last year that helped the gaming company behind it increase revenue substantially, according to App Trigger.

She's also in a high profile relationship with Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander. Verlander recently had his bid for a no-hitter go awry with just two outs left in the ninth inning. Like any loyal person in a relationship, Upton tweeted out her support for her man.

Meanwhile, Upton's most recent headline-grabbing fashion job involved going topless alongside Miranda Kerr for V Magazine's "Best of the Best" issue. With gigs like that lined up, it looks like Kate Upton will be considered a bombshell for quite some time to come.

[Kate Upton photo credit: Steve Jennings / Getty Images]