Shania Twain Turns 50, Retiring From Road To Create New Album [Video]

Music legend Shania Twain turned 50 on August 28 -- and she says she feels it's time to retire from touring and to focus on music and her family. As her farewell tour winds down, Shania Twain shares wisdom, and what's in store for her.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Shania confirmed this tour will be her last. While she hasn't ruled out performing publicly in the distant future, Twain confessed now that she's 50, "I feel as if I'll be satisfied after the tour to not perform anymore."

While her performances have been met with mixed reviews, fans love seeing Twain sing her classic songs, and the eye-popping on-stage visuals included enough "pyrotechnics to make a Kiss gig seem almost understated by comparison," reports The San Diego Union Tribune.

Her touring days might not be over forever, since her 50 years have taught her that life is full of surprises. Shania Twain told Rolling Stone,"I've learned that about life in general... I never know what's around the corner." But, that doesn't mean Shania is quitting music: "I'm not retiring in my career by any means," the "One I Want" singer emphasized.

For right now, Shania wants to spend more time working on her own albums because "there are so many other things to do musically, and there is just not enough time to do everything," reports Rolling Stone. Ending her very popular Las Vegas show and retiring from touring will open up more time for Twain to focus on her own projects -- like a new album.

Shania has another surprise in store: her goal is to "get the first single out while [she's] 50." Twain confirmed that she's working hard on a new album to Hello! magazine, saying it's all going to happen now that she's 50.

"It's going to be all out in my 50th year... once the tour is over, I'm going to hit the studio and I'm going to make sure that it happens when I'm 50."

Although Shania released a live album recently, she hasn't had a major studio offering since Up! in 2002. Shania Twain hopes to release an album in the next few months, and has been working on it while on the road. According to Rolling Stone, Twain revealed that while on tour, she and her producers "have to sneak in and out of the studio whenever I get the opportunity." And, when her farewell tour is over, "we'll just hit it hard again and get the record up."

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]