Chase Olivarius-McAllister: Reporter Gets Comments About Her Breasts From Sheriff's Deputy In Voicemail

Colorado reporter Chase Olivarius-McAllister didn't expect that she would be getting remarks about her breasts, let alone from a sheriff's deputy.

Deputy Sergeant Zach Farnam left a voicemail message to Olivarius-McAllister, which was a routine callback for Chase, who works for The Durango Herald. Chase was doing a follow-up on a law enforcement incident, so the deputy returned her call. The message was polite, just like what you'd expect from a deputy.

However, that was not all that was recorded. Apparently, Farnam forgot to put down the phone after leaving his message.

According to Jezebel, there were at least three people speaking in the voicemail. They were discussing other things when the topic landed on Chase Olivarius-McAllister's breasts. The conversation started when Farnam said that his wife used to work at The Durango Herald."She fu**ing hated that bi***," said Fanam. Another voice then asked, "She hot?" It was then that Farnam made comments about Olivarius-McAllister's breasts.

"Fu**ing giant, dude. I mean, not like quadruple Ds or anything. But at least a solid set of Ds, probably double Ds."
You can hear the entire message left on Chase's answering machine below.

WARNING: Foul language.

Chase Olivarius-McAllister stopped listening to the conversation as soon as she heard a few lines. She forwarded the recording to her editor, who listened to the recording in its entirety. She then described how her editor broke the news to her.

"He turned around the office and said, 'These people are very opinionated about your body.' I thought he was joking. I listened to it and felt just utterly appalled."
Sheriff Sean Smith from the La Plata County Sheriff has issued a public apology after the incident for the behavior of his staff, according to Denver Post.
"I would like to apologize to Miss McAllister, a reporter with the Durango Herald, and the citizens of La Plata County for this unprofessional incident involving inappropriate comments made by members of my staff. I do not condone this type of behavior as it is in direct conflict with the new culture I am trying to develop at the La Plata County Sheriff's Office."
Although the announcement stated that Smith is dealing with the involved deputies, he did not say how.

Richard Ballantine, chairman of the Herald, also issued a statement.

"These are unfortunate comments from anyone, especially from public employees. The Herald condemns this kind of language. We have confidence in Sheriff Sean Smith taking proper action."
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